Bonus Mall Promotions: July
Dark Edition!
With the release of the Lord of the Underworld, we will celebrate the dark and mysterious forces in all their ways. Don't miss this special edition of our Bonus Mall!

Eidolon Release: Hades

Hades has been usually mistaken as a representation of Evil, althought he is actually a fair God. As most Gods, he can be cruel, but his main goal is to keep the world in balance. Brother to Zeus and Poseidon, once Chronos was defeated he was assigned to rule the Underworld and protect the souls of the dead.

Hades is the newest male Eidolon, which makes it special on its own. He has a dark and dangerous vibe, but he never loses his handsome ways. Between all released Eidolons, he shared a particular bound with Demeter (the mother of his beloved Persephone).

Hades it's a strong and powerful Eidolon. Among his skills, you can find a target's defense reduction and a quite coveted +10% nocturnal to party members.

Dark Promotions:
Hades's won't be coming alone: Besides his key of gaia and key fragments, you will find him in company of other Gods and special fashion items inspired by the evil.

The new promotions will be available from July 7 to August 3rd.