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    Server Maintenance 6/07/2017

    Server Maintenance July 6th
    Aprox. Offline Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours.
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    Patch Notes
    - Fixes to 120-Slot Backpack: It can be added in the Shared Warehouse now.
    - Oath Ring added to the Adventurer Encyclopedia / Sky Tower Hell Rewards (it will be removed from the Loyalty Store).
    - Added new Secret Stones to Ranger and Tachi Secret Stone Boxes.
    - Fixes to Anette Fishing NPC in Navea.
    - New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards: Consumables Edition (ExP Items, Rerolls and more in this month edition!)
    - Updated Bonus Mall: The new bonus mall prizes will be added on July 7 and they will remain available for one month (until August 3rd). It includes the awaited Hades Release!

    New Paragon Table: Dark Edition
    Available from July 6th to July 13th. This week Azuria is turning dark! Between Hades release, this week's AP and LP promotions and our Paragon Table, we could officially say our dark side its coming to show. In our Paragon Table in particular, all the Verdandi's fan boys will have a chance to grab her Key of Gaia, Fragments, and her coveted costume! Plus, males will have a choice between the brand new Modern Samurai Costume and the release of the Creed of the Assassin. All in company of a large collection of costumes, mounts, accesories, ornaments and weapon costumes inspired by the Evil.

    New Promotions:
    AP and LP Promotions: Dark Edition!
    On this week's ap and lp promotions, the dark theme has invaded all of our new mall categories. In the case of both AP and LP promotions, we hope you are ready to fight! The AP shop will include the Azurian Soldier and Modern Soldiers Uniforms, so you can dress up ready for battle. In the case of the LP shop, we will release a brand new ornament, Pandora's Key of Gaia and her coveted key among other items!

    Promotions will be available from July 7 to July 14

    Also, remember our double EXP event will start after maintenance is over. The EXP boosts promotions will be available for one week, until July 13.

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    awesome updated, thanks so much Aura ♥

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    no one care
    YAAY Thanks Aura

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    Moon ♥
    Hades incoming = Poor

    Thanks Aura and dev's ♥

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    yay but why not x2 profession exp too ?

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    Thank you Aura & the Dev!

    I'm so looking forward to the promos ♥

    Twin Saga
    mainly occultist
    Aura Kingdom
    sorcerer / bard

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    Now i know how this private server is still alive, devs know how to improve !!
    Im new to the server and im loving it

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    Thankyou Aura ^w^

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    Question Add Muse to Loyalty?

    Please add the muse to loyalty shop as well please??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracosx View Post
    Please add the muse to loyalty shop as well please??
    She will eventually come to the LP shop Dracos, but as you can see, she doesn't really fit this week's theme.

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