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    [Summer Event] Lost in Translation

    Summer, the best time of the year for many, no work, no school, no worries.
    It's the perfect time to travel around and explore the world!

    And as you've seen already, the GMs are no exception to it
    You see, we're in the middle of our vacation at the moment, trying to enjoy as many places as we can
    Except we can't simply enjoy something that easy, that wouldn't be fun for Aura!
    So she threw us into the wilderness, since we wanted to explore the world so badly...

    But don't worry! She was kind enough to help us
    By sending capsules with 3 items to help us survive until we find our way back to Navea!
    And that's great! Except we have no idea at all about the things we'd need

    That's where we need your help, what would YOU send us to help us survive?
    Consider the climate, food, hostile monsters, etc.

    -Andre ended up stranded in a desert island, in Helonia Coast, there are no hostile mobs around, only salt, salt and more salt.

    -Alex was launched deep into Star Sand Desert, where he found many dangerous nagas, and nothing safe to eat as far as the eyes can see.

    -Anya fell face first into the soft snow in Silent Ice Fields, there's no vegetation anywhere, just lots of cute killable creatures, and it's very, very cold.

    -Ema landed right at Crescent Hill, not even in the wilderness, but right in the city! She's not really in danger, just too anxious to ask strangers for directions

    -Victoria won the bad-luck lottery (again), she's in Crystal Lake Waterfalls, with as many venomous creatures and poisonous plants as you can imagine, it's also too humid to start a fire!

    [Forum Event]
    [Deadline - July 12th, 2017 - 11:59PM Server Time]

    •Each player can only help 1 GM•
    •Reply to this thread to submit your entry•
    •You must submit 3 Items that can be found in-game•
    •You must explain why you are picking each item and how it will help in said situation•
    •The winners will be the most creative and helpful combos•
    •You can either take a screenshot in-game of the items you choose, or use (, as long as the name and icon of the items are visible•


    IGN: Anya
    I'm helping Victoria by sending her a couple of knives to fight the dangers around, a cape to keep her dry, and a coffee to help her stay awake

    There will be a total of 5 winners, one for each GM
    Each winner can pick one of the following packs:

    5-Star Equipment Star Stone x1

    Superior Fortification Weapon Scroll x15 + Superior Fortification Armor Scroll x15 + Superior Fortification Accessories Scroll x15

    Premium Costume Enchantments of your choice! x5

    Name Change Scroll x1 + Dark Beer x1

    Furniture (or Furniture Recipes) of your choice! x10

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    IGN: HyperDrive

    Ema, I heard taking dark chocolate can reduce cortisol(the stress hormone that causes anxiety), hope you love sweet stuff.

    For the next anxiety reduction, here's lots of cash within the Money Bag, go spend it whatever you like, dont worry the amount is good for a month long vacation :^)

    Lastly a portal card! safest way to get back to Navea in an instant, No hidden charges absolutely tax free.

    Try not to be anxious, Its Summer go enjoy it and have some F-U-N.
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    If picture doesn't show: (

    IGN: Momori

    Alex, it must be tough for you, but i'm going to send you some supplies to help you get back to civilization.

    Use this staff infused with the power of Nazrudin, to create ice which will keep you hydrated and cool. You can also use this magic to get rid of those vile nagas. Don't worry, the staff uses it's own power, so you can use it without exhausting yourself.

    I also sent you a box of matches, find a nearby bush, and light it on fire, and cook the naga till it's crispy, after that, it should be safe to eat.

    When you've eaten your fill, use this map of star sand desert, to lead you back to Palmgil Oasis.
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    Moon ♥

    IGN : xStevt

    I'm helping Anya by giving her a Magma Axe to keep her awake with the heat of the axe and from these 'cute' but evil creatures , a kimono to keep her warm and stylish with the tissue , and some noodles because noodles are life to help her stay the warmest possible.

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    Mmm, lookss like I'm helping Anya. Since she's cold, Alucard+Mojito should be able to keep her warm *wink wink* and the scythe is so she can SLAY ALL THOSE FILTHY CUTE CREATURES, CUZ THERE'S NO PLACE FOR SUCH THINGS IN THIS WORLD MUAHAHAHAHAHA... cof cof... err... Hi

    Ign: Heis
    "[When the sun] reaches the Fountain of Grief, it halts; its female attendant rests her horses. This is called the Suspended Chariot."

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    IGN: Jackerkun

    Ice Field Snowline Map
    Ghodroon's Guard Paragon Cloak
    Gourmet Seafood Chowder
    I'm helping Anya by sending her a map of Ice Field, so she can find the nearest town and find her way to the City of Navea.
    Together I am sending this Ghodroon blanket that possesses its Warm Spirit, It will keep Anya very warm during the return trip.
    And together a Gourmet Seafood Chowder that will fill it quickly and for a long time.
    Please come home safely, Anya.
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    In your dream

    IGN : KimochiDesu

    I'm helping Anya by sending her a Zaahir's Grasp staff, a 120-slots Superduper Megabag! and a Lightning Astral Bike. Zaahir's Grasp staff will help her kill those cute creatures so that she can cook and eat them because as far as I know, Anya eats almost everything without caring about their appearance. She also can cast a fireball with the staff to start a fire so she can cook those creatures and melt the snows into water so that she can drink them when she feels thirsty. Since it is one of the Zaahir's weapons, just by staying close to it will keep her warm or if it's not enough, she can simply burn everything near her with meteors while she is on her way going back to Navea to solve the chill surrounding problem. I don't think Anya will have any problems to do it since she is a little bit weird compared to the other Templars. I'm also sending Anya a 120-Slots Superduper Megabag! so she can stuff all the foods that she cooks inside the bag so she does not need to worry about having foods and space insufficiency. Lightning Astral Bike will help her move around with her big heavy 120-slots bag through the snowy terrain with ease and fast like a boss.
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    IGN: SIeepy

    I'm gonna send Andre a cool looking heart shape shade to protect him from the sun glare, a short pants for him to change into and get rid the heavy and stuffy armor o3o, and a cool superrr 'TORNADOOO DRINKS' for him to enjoy on this sunny day. The set that I send to Andre is to help him enjoy his 'ACCIDENTALLY' summer vacation after a load of work and just enjoy the beach~ pssst.. and get abit tanned. lol
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    IGN: Shiruko_

    I'm helping Victoria by sending her;

    A Yellow Mushroom to hide or adapt into her surroundings, as there are venomous creatures. I'd think they wouldn't eat a a mushroom that 'might' look poisonous...right?

    The Golden Cooking Set, so Vicky can still have edible food and drinks (even if she picks all the poisonous plants as ingredients)

    Third, Uriel's Key of Gaia, so he can warm her up and keep her safe if her mushroom disguise still attracts hungry creatures that want to eat her as a mushroom (and possibly prepare her meals in case the first time she cooks... its not poisonous.. but burnt..(xD?))

    All is not lost Vicky! Even if you don't get rescued, at least you can live as a cute mushroom in the forest for the rest of your days....
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    As someone that loves winter days I'm gonna send Anya 2 of the most essential items to survive the cold!!

    1st a blanket to keep yourself warm.

    2nd a bowl of hot soup because you also need to keep your energy and nothing is better than vegetables.

    And since she is surrounded by cute creatures why not enjoy the moment to register everything on her exciting adventure? I'm sure Silent Ice Fields is a beautiful place and worth be remembered, that's why I'm also sending you a camera!!

    Make sure to use them all!!

    IGN: Hakuryuu_
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