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    [FanFic Contest] Love Confession

    FanFic Contest: Love Confession
    A wedding it's about to take place. As you know, Eidolons are very passionate at the time of express their emotions; either is profound love, intense hate, complete discontent or even intense hungry. And as expected, they pretend the same level of enthusiasm from you. Since we want to keep our Gods happy, we bring you a very special opportunity.

    1. Love Declaration
    We already know what the Eidolons have to say to your Love Confession. But what about you? In this contest, you will have to:
    - Select one Eidolon of Choice
    - Write Your Marriage Vows to such Eidolon.
    The format of the Vows must be similar to the ones in the Marriage System: short yet meaningful (4 paragraphs top). The vows themselves must be related to the chosen Eidolon, to his background, story and personality.

    Three winners will be chosen. Each one will receive x1 Oath Ring and x20 4-Star Eidolon Buff Rerolls.

    2. Love Proposal
    We already know the result of this love story it's a happy ending. But how did you propose to your eidolon? In this contest, you will have to:
    - Select one Eidolon of Choice
    - Make a description of your Marriage Proposal (where did it happened? what did you said? Did you plan something special?)
    In this contest, you can include images to illustrate your proposal, or write a fanfic on how the proposal went on.

    Three winners will be chosen. Each one will receive x3 Eidolon Keys of Gaia of own choice.

    Important Info:
    - Both contests will end in Monday, July 3rd. You will have until 2 pm -server time- to post and/or edit your entries.
    - Winners will be announced at around midnight (server time).
    - Prizes for Love Declaration will be given on Tuesday, July 4th. Prizes for Love Proposal will be given as soon all winners submit their keys of choice.
    - Players can only submit one entry for each contest, but they can participate and even win both. If its convenient for the layout of your entry, you can combine both participations into one post.
    - Include name of your character and name of the chosen Eidolon in your entry.
    - The Eidolon you choice as focus for your entry won't have any relationship with the prize (you can choose any Eidolon Key as prize, despite if it doesn't appear in your entry).
    - Images added for this contest can be edited. You can include illustrative images for both contests if it fits your layout, but they won't have an impact on the Love Declaration Contest result.
    - In case of using images from outside the game, sources must be always quoted.
    - The judging process it will mainly devoted in the originality of the entry. We are looking for fun to read entries, that relates to the content of the game.

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    IGN: Kekao
    Image: here
    Eidolon: Muse
    Option: #2, Love Proposal

    An orange-haired Envoy of Gaia was busy setting things up, talking with the stage manager, and making sure the lights were good to go. Kekao wanted this concert to go perfectly, considering the last two didn't go so well. First, a light fell off from the top of the stage and almost crashed onto Muse's head.. That's what you get for letting Makars set up the stage. Then, the band instruments showed up late at the next concert. Again.. Makars.

    Kekao stepped up to her companion, Muse, "Alright, this is your last concert of the tour.. Let's hope everything goes well," She sighed, staring into Muse's eyes with worry. All Kekao wanted was her Eidolon to be happy. Deep inside, she loved Muse, more than normal. She never really understood why, but if Muse turned her down when the time came, she would be devastated. Because who knows, maybe Muse might just leave her side due to awkwardness between the two.

    Without knowing her manager's thoughts, Muse gave her a bright smile and assured her, "Everything's going to be fine, Ke!" Ke was the nickname Muse gave her a while ago when they first met. When Kekao first told her her name, Muse started laughing saying it sounded like a bird's call.. which is what everyone says about her name when they first hear it. So to make things easier on Muse, that's how the nickname came about.

    "It's a big audience out there, and of all places, Navea! If something messes up, it's going to be big! I just..," Her voice trailed off, her thoughts starting to wonder deeper into her anxieties.

    Muse pouted, and stepped closer to the Envoy, "Ke, if you don't stop worrying off that head of yours, you're gonna have to make me do something I'll possibly regret," Her eyes got serious, which made her body tense up. She nodded slowly, unsure of what signal to receive from that phrase. Could it be a threat.. or could it be a weird romantic gesture?

    She then stepped back and gave her manager a peace sign with a wink to accompany it, "Don't worry, this will be the best concert yet! Believe me, I have something special planned," Muse then relaxed and walked out to the center of the stage, "I'm ready whenever the rest of the crew is. You better be watching, Ke~" She laughed softly and turned to face the front of the stage, adjusting her grip on her microphone. Kekao took this time to go backstage and find her place in front of a tv that has the concert on.

    She squatted down on the ground, and reached into her backpack to pull out a Ring of Oath, a special ring that's specifically meant to marry your beloved Eidolons. Kekao sighed, wondering why she even bought this in the first place. It's not like Muse would say yes, anyways.

    Muse has been acting strange recently, she thought, but she didn't want to start jumping to conclusions. Her mind tends to do these things, and it's gotten a lot of her friendships ruined. She doesn't mean to do this, but she can't help it. It's just.. who she is.

    As the curtain started to roll back, Kekao placed the ring back into her bag and looked up at the screen. She admired how her Eidolons' body moved to the music, how perfect her pitch was, and just everything about her. She wish she could be with Muse forever, even if just as they are now, she just wants her in her life.

    Towards the end of the concert, Muse stops her dancing and signals at the crew to pause. She closes her eyes, sighing and preparing herself for the speech she's about to give. She looks up at the crowd, pausing to look around and she looks like as if she's about to cry. As she grips her mic tightly, she starts to speak, "Hello, Everyone. Before we continue this concert, I have to do something very important, and I want to include all of you guys in this!" She gestures out to everyone. The other Envoys and Eidolons start to look at each other in confusion, wondering what is going on.

    "First, I'd like my manager Ke to come out here to join me," Upon hearing these words, Kekao stared at the screen breathless. This is the first time Muse has ever invited anyone to come out onto the stage with her, "Please, Ke,"

    As soon as she heard that, they were like magic words that released her body and she jolted towards the stage. As she got to the side and her Eidolon was in view, she stopped in her tracks. Muse looked at her, smiling so brightly that it could light up a city. Kekao stepped up to her, her hands in front of her clasped together.

    Muse let her mic stand beside her, so the audience could hear both her and Kekao. Muse put her hands together, her thumbs fiddling with each other, "Ke, without your help I wouldn't be out here standing on a stage in Navea. I wouldn't be this happy, and I'm not sure how to put this," She paused. Her voice starting to crack from trying not to cry on stage, "I love you, Ke!" She yelled out, and the crowd started to cheer. Kekao's faced turned red, the unexpected events making her heart skip a beat.

    "Muse.. I.." She started to stutter, unable to make sense of what's happening, nor to find the words to say.

    "I just want you in my life, forever! I can't stand it when I see you with other Eidolons, and seeing you fighting with them, it drives me insane! All I want is you.. Please..," Her eyes finally let go of the gates, tears flowing out like a waterfall.

    Dear Gaia, Please don't let this be a dream, Kekao thought to herself before getting on one knee, and pulling out the ring she bought, the Ring of Oath. Muse's eyes went wide at the sight, her tears stopping from shock.

    "Muse...,"I can't believe I'm saying this...,"Will you marry me?"

    Behind her tear stained cheeks, she gave the biggest and brightest smile she's ever given to anyone, and replied the answer everyone suspected.

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    IGN ~ Oolong
    Eidolon ~ Alucard/Bahamut
    #2 ~ Love Proposal

    There was something special about the Emerald Marsh, whether it was the clear air or the pristine waters - he didn't know. But, he was well aware of how much Oolong loved the place. He could sit with her for hours on end under the wisteria flowers, chatting aimlessly or basking in comfortable silence. His Envoy was always a peaceful person, but the content smile that donned her face at every visit to the beautiful land was infectious. Ah, how he adored her.

    "Alucard, are you hungry? I still have some of those macaroons you like so much." Her voice shook Alucard from his reverie, bringing him back to the quiet sunset and the distant chirping of birds. He turned his attention back to his beloved envoy - the soul he spent countless years tracking down. Oolong. He spent too much time staring at her without a reply, though. She was a people person, deeply compassionate. So of course she noticed his distracted gaze, and her lips soon fell to a worried frown that made his heart melt.

    "You've been really distant lately," Oolong said, voice gentle as always. She scooted closer to her trusted partner, brows furrowing under the pressure of her worries.

    "Have I done something to upset you, Alucard? You can tell me, I'll always listen!"

    Oh no. Oh no no no! She thought he was angry with her! For the first time in literal eons, Alucard felt panic bubble from his chest as he quickly grabbed hold of Oolong's slender shoulders.

    "No! You misunderstand!" Woops, he yelled. Oolong blinked, shocked by his loss of composure. Alucard was such a regal and calm eidolon, so to hear him flustered over a question had the bard confused and even more worried.

    "Th-then what's wrong?"

    Alucard took a deep breath as he felt red creep over his face - now or never. Under the wisteria flowers, with just the two of them. He had to tell her!

    "Oolong- I. I've searched for you for so long, and now that I have you once more...I. I don't want to ever lose you again! I want to be by your side for the rest of-- of forever! I-- Oolong! I love you!" He was yelling again, but his voice was as absolute as always. He meant every word he spoke to his now shocked envoy.

    Her face had gone red, and, if he wasn't so nervous, he'd consider teasing her for looking like a tomato. Even flustered, he thought she was beautiful.

    "A-Alucard," her voice trembled as the red on her cheeks flushed to consume her ears and neck. "I-I...Dear Gaia." She struggled to find her words, but he tried to contain enough patience for her to reply.

    "L-let's get married, then!" With her blush still plastered to all visible skin, Oolong smiled brightly at her beloved eidolon. Despite the tears that tickled at her long eyelashes, this was one of the happiest moments of her life.

    "I'll ask more formally! Alucard! P-please, marry me!"

    Who could say no to that? Certainly not him.

    I don't even have Alucard on the PS yet but I'm gonna get him and give him all the hugs.
    I hope this is good enough! What a cute contest! ;w;/

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    IGN: Milene
    Eidolon: Lucifer
    No.2 - Love Proposal

    Today wasn't an ordinary day for Milene, not anymore. From here on out, whatever could happen, it will depend on the decision of the Eidolon she was going to speak to. She was worried, afraid, anxious that he would reject her, but her belief still remained. Milene was ready to regret all the preparations she had done and turn back, but she waited for this day. She could no longer let this go for another year or so.

    It was unnaturally weird. Men were supposed to propose, right? But here was Milene, with that single Oath Ring on her hand. She was cutely playing with it, her imaginations running as to how she would properly propose to the Angel of Destruction, Lucifer. Yes...a proposal. She never had thought it would come to this.

    Lucifer was a very serious man. He is technically the fallen angel - the Devil, so to speak. Yet, he had interest and passion for humanity and their secrets. He had been with her battling endless wars and conflicts for almost two years. Milene was sure she had gained his attention, but she could not tell from his expressions alone. Though, in some occassions they had talked for a long time, and it made her really happy.

    She was thankful that she became an Envoy of Gaia...very thankful.

    And right now, she stood in the middle of Ventos Prairie, at a lone summer evening - the stars had come out of their hiding and were sparking very vibrantly at the blanketed black sky. The flowers around her blew gently against the cool winds.

    Perfect. This was truly perfect.

    Milene could only pray.

    The silver-haired woman breathed heavily and turned around, but-

    "Where are you going? What are you doing?"

    A low voice suddenly interrupted her. It made her heart skip. Not only it was low, but it somehow made her heart warmer. Milene had always recognized the voice wherever she was. That voice always called her whenever he needed her. It was memorable.

    The man she was expecting the most.

    The woman could not hide her blushes any longer. Milene felt she got very flustered from head to toe and was desperately trying to hide it, to no avail. "Has something happened? You look unusually ballistic today, Milene. This is different from how I see you all the time," Lucifer followed another question. She could only try to calm herself down, but that alone was too hard.

    Milene was honest deep inside her heart. The moment they met, she had already fallen for him so much.

    "I...I'm really sorry, Lucifer. This must be really embarrassing for you," She replied, her cheeks flaming red, her eyes averting from his crimson gaze. Lucifer let out a questioned expression, not sure of what to make out from her response. A bit worried, he let himself land on the grassy fields. Milene quietly blinked - it was a first for her to see him on the ground.

    She had also noticed that his sword wasn't with him.

    It was just him and her on that particular spot. Milene now wished she can run away and leave him there.

    Lucifer folds his arms in amusement and smiles. "It's not embarrassing. It makes me curious, that humans could actually show such a beautiful side from them. I have to admit, you are very beautiful. Not just now, but when I first knew you. You were hardly someone I could resist looking at."

    "H-Hey! Are you teasing me?!" Milene puffed her cheeks, and the demon let out a cheerful laugh.

    And then he smirked. "What do you think?" That smirk was bad. Milene almost lost her focus.

    "S-Stop teasing me...t-today's not the right...time." Her voice muffled in shyness. The tall man flicked his gaze towards the shiny blue ring that she was holding. Pretending he didn't know, Lucifer smiled softly and continued to look at the cute young woman before his presence.

    "So...why have you invited me here? Is there something you need to tell in secret that our other companions should not know?"

    "W..Well! T...There's...things I need you to know. And...And I need to ask. Will you...hear me out?" Milene was just holding back now, holding back from suddenly saying it out loud. She wanted him to hear every single word she had to say. Then maybe...

    She saw him nod and smile. The young woman cleared her throat. "It's just....I knew I'd feel this way! M-Maybe this was going too quick for me and you, but...I really appreciate your presence, how you protect me, and...h-how you're always by my side. You never...left my side even once. I was beginning to think I-I might be a bother to you, a-and you will no longer li-I mean need me as your Envoy."

    Lucifer blinks, loosing his arms from the fold and back to his side. "...And...?"

    Milene's eyes were having small tears on them now, trying vainly not to cry. "I w-w-was really worried, I didn't know what to do, I always thought you would hate me!! I...I're an Eidolon, and I'm a're the fallen angel from Pandaemonium! I...I don't think I stood one chance. My mind was always in a mess...always thinking that-"

    "-that you could never fall in love with me?" He interrupts her, that smile returning.


    That was what came out of Milene's lips. A small, single shock. "Ah."

    Lucifer then eyed that ring from her hand once again. This time Milene noticed.

    Her tears disappeared and she started to tremble. The blushes that were once gracing her cheeks had returned, and they were more vibrant than ever. Right that moment the young woman did not know what else to say, but as the gentleman that he was, Lucifer waited for her to speak.

    "I...I'm really in love with you. A...And....this ring..." Milene held out the very beautiful ring towards him, the silver and blue ring shining and gleaming so wonderfully against the moonlight. She has to know his decision. One way or another. It's time. It was hard, too hard, to contain her trembling self, but this is too close now. Too close.

    "...This a sign of my love for you. W...Will you...marry me?" The face of hers that looked at him was filled with pure sincerity.

    Lucifer did not waste any time.

    He pulled her against him, hugging his young Envoy tightly as he spoke these words:

    "I have waited for this. A long time. You were the only one who ever made me feel this way. It may sound very different and weird coming from someone like me, are the only one who could see me this way. Every time we talked, everytime we were together...each of those moments felt very precious for me. I wanted to tell you before too, how I loved you so much. Milene, you're the "important thing" that I have been looking for here on Azuria. I'm really glad I met you. I vowed to protect you, and I am not going to let you stay away from me anymore."

    Milene's trembling had ceased slowly, the warmth of Lucifer's hug cooling her. She looked at him. "D...Does this mean...?"

    "Yes, I will marry you, my beloved. Please give me your control, from now on...until the end. I will love you...and serve you forever." Lucifer responded softly, pulling a bit from their hug and kissing her forehead.

    Now this was unexpected. The demon, the Angel of Destruction asking for her control. He said he was like this for her and only for her, after all.

    Above all that, he knew.

    He knew she loved him, too.

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    IGN: Elene
    Eidolon: Bahamut/Alucard
    No.2 - Love Proposal

    He'd been pretty aloof lately.

    He had always been aloof, but somehow this time it felt like he was just being more than his usual aloofness. Or whatever it was. Sure, he still stayed beside her like he did always but there was something about the cold slash of his Domesday, the way he snuck glances at her when he thought she wasn't looking.

    The way he turned his back on her even as he just floated there, oblivious to everything about him as she bustled in and about Navea.

    Elene sighs, fiddling absentmindedly on the short hem of her dress.

    "Is something bothering you...?"

    Elene let out a startled cry. She shook her head quickly, waving both her hands at him in quick negation.

    "N...n...nothing! Nothing!"

    "..." He zips quickly away, as if he wasn't just floating right in front of her a few seconds ago. "If it's nothing, then it is nothing."

    "..." Elene found herself puffing her cheeks in slight, small bursts of air, then slowly puts her hands down. She wanted to say something, but somehow, in the seeming futility of that moment, it felt like it didn't matter at all.

    Alucard slightly cocks his head to one side, just so slightly, still not looking at her.

    "We'll be late. Let's go."

    "A...ahh! Of course...of course..." The Sorcerer nods, then walks quickly away after saying her thank yous to Eve.

    Alucard picks up the bag of Potions the Envoy left behind without another word and floats after her.


    It was always like that, day after day. Just being together like this, it was always, ever so like this.

    Until Elene decided to sneak off one day and when she got back, she seemed to take that brat's advice.

    She never was much for attacking monsters on her own, she preferred to always take the support role. For this Alucard was bewildered why she even bothered to become a Sorcerer in the first place. Elene was the type who'd never throw sticks at flying mosquitoes who bothered her, if she could.

    The day she took in studying the Shuriken as her secondary class bothered him more than it should.

    She loved to read books, that's why she became a Sorcerer, that was what she told him in one of those rare spells they'd had some time just talking together. Luckily, her magic was passable, at least that's what her mentor said. "Passable" at devastation was an understatement. Elene caused the greatest destruction at just the simplest of spells.

    Needless to say studying the Shuriken class turned her into a walking cataclysm. No, disaster was a gentle way of putting it. Really.

    And so here she was lying in a pool of her own blood as she struggled to heal him with what little she could of her Rejuvenation Mantra.

    The battle with was won in the Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal - barely - and she was down to the last bottle of Small Concentrated Potion. Alucard wanted so much to stab the idiot who told her about the Shuriken class as he hovered over her, his composure at his limit.

    "...what are you doing...??"

    "I just...don't" Elene stutters, steadying herself as she sat up on the ground.

    Alucard's eyes flashed. " you want me to chase after you again...??!" he growled.

    Startled badly at the sudden anger of his voice, the Sorcerer bursts into hysterical tears. Again, Alucard sees that same glowing light, that same light he'd been chasing for those countless eons, chasing after this soul he'd promised to find again ~~~~

    "D...d...don't...go...d...d...don't...don't leave...!" Elene wails in between those sobs, trembling so badly. Alucard stares at her, unsure of what to do. Of course he won't leave, he scoffs inwardly, of COURSE he didn't plan to leave, and here she was going on saying things...?

    He closes his eyes, scoffing, sheathing the Domesday with just a slightest tremble to his grip. "Look, if you're too weak to walk just let me carry you and ~~~"

    "I...I want to stay with you!!"

    "Silly girl, you're staying with me now aren't you? What are you ~~~"

    "P...please stay!!"

    The God of Judgment becomes even more bewildered at how his Envoy was behaving. "...what...?"

    "I...I tried baking a cake and everything...!! I..."

    "Is that what you Humans call..a bribe...?" Alucard looks at her suspiciously. Well, he admits it, even if she's very terrible at battles, she was really good at cooking, and he always looked forward to what she would be cooking at the end of the day. And yes, he always fell for those tricks when Elene wanted to go out to a dangerous dungeon and food was always part of that equation where he easily agreed to do it for her.

    "...I love you...!"

    "Isn't that a bribe as well...?" Alucard was now MORE than suspicious.

    Elene flails her arms at him, despite almost dying of bloodloss from her multiple wounds. " is saying what I...I feel for you...a...bribe...?'re MEAN!! YOU'RE~~~!!"


    "YOU'RE~~~~" Elene stops short, looking up at him. That feeling of aloofness - whatever it was - there it is again, creeping in all about him. Alucard just floated there in front of her, looking away.

    "...who is the idiot who taught you to be so stupid...?"


    "..." Alucard closes his eyes, frowning. "The idiot. Telling you, you can hurt yourself."

    Elene was confused. "B...but I...just...don't want to..."

    "And I...don't want you to." Alucard looks at her, his crimson eyes just flicking towards her, ever so slightly. "Have you forgotten...? Your safety is more important to me than my own life. And still you..."

    "I...I just...want to be"

    "..." Alucard was now looking straight at her. Despite feeling faint, Elene felt her heart soaring higher than the Sky Tower. "Why do you want to become stronger...?"

    "..." Elene sniffles. "I told you. I...I want to stay with you..."

    "...and you want to stay with me because...?" His voice had become a soft whisper.

    "..." The Sorcerer purses her lips in determination, closing her eyes and nodding, as if coming to a great resolve, a great oath, something she will see to be done whatever happens. "...because...I love you..."

    That feeling of lightness. Before she even knew what was happening, she was in Alucard's arms, leading her to gasp panicking as she had to embrace him , thinking she was falling off some cliff at the suddenness of his movement.

    "...well? Aren't you supposed to say something?" Alucard says in a low voice.

    " ~~~ " Elene was so sure she was as red as a tomato, burying her face somewhere against his neck. "W....will you marry me...?"

    Alucard was quiet for a few seconds before he bursts out laughing himself. "...that wasn't what I expected but...since it's you Elene, it's what I expected..." he gasps in between hitches of breath from his laughter.

    "Ehhhhhh...EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." Elene was now wishing she'd drop into a hole that led straight to Pandemonium then and there.

    " matter how many of your reincarnations, I will always find you, my life will always be by your side." Alucard chuckles. "Well...seems this finally realized why...I always searched for you...took you long enough."


    "...ask me that when I finally marry you."

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    Eido: Alucard

    ~2. Love Proposal~

    Woke up,did my daily routine of brushing teeth and cooking breakfast.... Yea,as if i will do that. Alu said that my cooking was the most horrible thing he had ever eaten. It hurt,but its the truth. But it is what attracted me to him,his blunt but caring personality. It may not show on his always angry looking face,but deep down he is a caring eidolon.
    "Alu,wake up" I say, try to wake him up from slumber. Alu open his eyes and squinted due to the sunlight pouring from the window across him. "Urg,why must you open the damn window every single morning." He sits up,the sheet sliding down his chiseled chest,showing his muscles. Him with his chiseled body,while I have such a skinny body compared to his. Oh how unfair it is.

    Taking a deep and hurried breath,i reach out to the bedside table. Took out a jewelry box containing a ring attached to a necklace, I turned back to Alu ,my face reddening into sunset color. "Alucard,we may known each other for a mere few months,but everyday in those few months you have already caught my heart when we met eyes . We have a lot of ups and downs,but in the end we would always make up. I want to shower you with all my love, I want to be the one who make you smile,the one who you cannot live without. I may not be the most perfect guy you have ever met,nor the most intelligent being on earth,you still chose to be with me. Marry me Alu,marry my skinny ass and my intolerable behavior."





    My eyes widen and saw a tear falling from the tip of Alu's eyes before he turned his head to the side.

    "W-w-what did you say?"

    "I said yes you dumb ass"

    I think my heart just stopped right there and then.
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    1. Love Declaration

    Eido: Lucifer
    Let us conquer the world together. Together,we shall overthrow the angels and erect a kingdom fit for us
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    IGN: JackCrystal
    Eidolon: Freya
    No. 2: The Proposal

    The door opened with a loud thud as the person roughly opened it to get inside. The sound of heavy rain became clearer through the door, but only for a moment before the person reached behind him and slammed the door shut before staggering further in. Magical candles in the wall lamps lit up as if to quietly welcome him back. Without a doubt such a commotion could not escape the occupants of the house, as they rushed out from their respective rooms.

    "Master, is that you?"-Merrilee opened the door from her bedroom with a worried face.

    "I'm back."-The Envoy of Gaia, Jack Crystal spoke tiredly with a soft grunt as he pulled off his hood and dropped the Pandemonium cross on his back along with the weapons on it.

    "Are you okay? You don't seem well."

    "It's just the rain Merrilee. I'm a little tired from the late night work that's all. You should go back to sleep."


    "...!!!!!"-Unexpectedly to Merrilee, Freya, the innocent and polite Eidolon, rushed forward from her room and stopped him as soon as she opened the door and saw him.

    "..."-Jack didn't say anything. He thought he hid it well enough. Not enough to get away from the diligent Eidolon it seems.

    Pulling his assassin coat to the side to look, she stared almost in horror at the huge gash across his chest and stomach area. It looked like it wasn't made by a sword, but a crude machete. Even with the dim light, Freya noticed that it wasn't just rain water dripping on the floor.

    Merrilee covered her mouth in sheer shock at the revelation.

    "Master..."-Freya grounded out, almost in tears.

    "It will heal, don't wor-"

    "DON'T SAY THAT!"-If anybody else is here, they'd be shocked that the usual kind-hearted, soft spoken Freya could raise her voice like that-"Don't...say that. You have our blessing as an Envoy of Gaia to heal, but you are not immortal. You have to treat yourself better than...this!"

    "..."-Jack didn't say anything back.

    A man of few words, that's how Jack was always remembered. He prized subtlety over novelty, and it suited his occupation. He used to dream of being a hero, but as he grew up, the dark reality of the matter rises that is there is no hero of the light. Before he could even feel a sense of accomplishment, he was already bloodstained beyond belief. A close friend to the Templar Intelligence Officer Victoria, he quickly became an assassin working for the church on the more...less public front.

    He used to think that's okay, so long as he is protecting people. Victoria had helped with his troubled mind as much as she could, but she has her many duties and can't always offer her help, and he thought that was fine too. He steeled his emotions and closed them off.

    Despite of this, the Eidolons that came to him are always the kind-hearted ones.

    "Merrilee, please help me get the first aid kit. Jac-Master, let's get you to the sofa."

    Jack had long since not allowed his Eidolon from helping him in battle. His Eidolons are not the warrior types, but also, he doesn't want them to be involved in his matters.


    "Please don't speak right now."-Freya stopped his words and quickly head to a cabinet and rumbles inside for some potions to at least slow the bleeding.

    "...Are you mad?"-Jack made a weak reply with an equally weak smile.

    "Yes but..."-Freya halted her words for a few seconds, her voice seemingly more soft.-"You can't expect to leave me home waiting and then comes back like this Master..."

    "..."-Jack lowered his head as he whispered something to himself.


    "Stop making a big fuss about it. This would still heal fine. Just give it a few days."

    "Master."-Freya came back to him, HP potion in hand.-"I don't know how low you think of yourself, you need to care for yourself more. That sort of destructive lifestyle won't get you any sense of peace."

    "Freya! I found the first aid kit!"-Merrilee quickly returned with the neat wooden box.

    "..."-Jack, again, fell silent as the two Eidolons patched him up and applied healing spells.


    The stormy night still went on as Jack was forced to rest by Freya as she was starting a fire in the fireplace.

    With Merilee also sleeping on the chair next to him, it seems like the house is having a family gathering night today.

    He chuckled at the thought. It's as if he and Freya are the couple and Merrilee is like the child.

    Noticing Freya was having trouble with starting the fire properly, Jack, now properly bandaged up, groaned lightly as he got up and walked over to help.

    "Master, no. You need to stay still otherwise the wound will reopen..."-Freya pleaded, but Jack still took the fireplace poker from her, and in no time a fire was started.

    Silence reigned as Jack's standing figure loomed over the fire.

    "I'm sorry. I'm such a horrible Envoy, aren't I."-He spoke lightly

    "That's not true and you know it, Jack."-Freya answered as she got up and put a hand on his shoulder-"You cared for me and Merrilee more than enough, and all of your intentions are well."

    "I'm not on the same side as yours!"-Jack raised his voice lightly, slightly wary of the fact that Merrilee is sleeping.-"You deserved better. A more carefree, happier life."

    "No, Jack. No. Merrilee and I, we both came to you on our own free will. It's not a dice roll. We came to you because you needed us."

    "You two has always been there for someone like me..."

    "Master...Jack...I was never sad to be your know it. You know that I..."-Freya halted her words.


    "You are not a bad person, Jack. Don't take yourself so low... I'm here for you."


    "I love you, Jack."-Freya embraced him from behind-"Please...don't torment yourself anymore..."

    Silence once more.

    "Can I?"-A weak reply.-"Can I really claim anything like that...?"

    He didn't sound like usual silent, level headed Jack. He sounded like a child not being able to believe someone would give him something like that.

    "Of course..."-Freya subtly pulled him back to the sofa-"There's no reason to be that selfless. You wanted to stay with me, right? Then stay. I've chosen you because you needed the help. In doing so you've also helped me, even though you refuse to take credit. You did everything for me as if I deserve all of that by just existing. So let me help you too. As with all warriors, peace will come."

    "It's because..."-Jack's eyes softened-"Because you and Merrilee being with me is the only happiness I'm not willing to let go of."

    Freya let him rest his head on her lap and summoned her harp.

    "I know Master. Just rest your mind and leave it to me."-She smiled and started to play and sing a comforting song. A song she long vowed to only sing to one person. Only one.

    Her peaceful, calming melody eased off all of Jack's worries. All the pain in his heart, the feeling of being suffocated by the bloody reality of his life just washed away, and a breath of fresh air, with a scent of flowers replaced it.

    A warm welcome back to the tiring warrior.


    The next morning, Jack woke up from a peaceful sleep. He dreamed of he, Freya and Merrilee having a picnic under an apple tree, the smell of the flowers still remained in his head.

    The storm has cleared, and the sun was just coming up.

    Noticing the lack of his pillow aka Freya's lap, Jack got up as he looked around.

    It is a bit early for the lovely music goddess to be making breakfast, so he figured she might be outside. His guess was correct, as he looked outside the window to the open hills before the house, Freya was there, probably admiring the sunrise.

    Following outside to meet her, Jack was easily noticed and greeted.

    "Master, good morning. Did you slept well last night?"-Freya noticed he was coming.

    "Yeah. Thanks to your song."-The Envoy of Gaia smiled lightly as he joined her.

    The two enjoyed a comfortable silence as they watched the sun came up over the windy hills near their home here in Demarech.

    "Do you really think I can still be pulled back from the darkness?"-Jack asked again.

    Freya stepped forward and stood in front of him as she replied.

    "Of course. You are an Envoy of Gaia! You can do anything as long as you put your heart into it. may not realized it, but you have been my hero ever since we met..."-Freya might've blushed as she spoke-"So of course you can do it! And I'll do everything to help you. I won't leave you, Jack. Not even in death."

    "..."-Jack choked on his words as he reached for his pocket.-"Me too. I'll never let you go from now on. That's why..."


    "It's a bit of a selfish request...and I'm no good at all of this...stuff. But...Will you...marry me?"-Jack tightly gripped the diamond ring in his pocket. The ring he always kept with him but never found a way to give it.

    Freya still hasn't turned around, but from his experience, Jack can guess her current expression.

    It took more courage to spoke those words than all the battles he had charged in in his life.

    And then...Freya slowly turned back as the wind kicked up some wild flowers, her long, pink hair also with the wind as her teary eyes locked with his and smiled brightly as she gave her reply.

    "Yes!"-She wanted to dive straight into his arms then, but can only run up and hug him tightly because of his current injury.-"Yes! Of course Jack...Of course yes!"

    With this...he'll never leave her again.

    "I will not let her white dress be stained with blood"




    As the two were heading back in, Jack spoke softly.

    "You know...I got all this land, and I've been doing nothing with it."

    "Mhm. It's a lovely field, but something could be done to it."-Freya pondered deeply.

    "...How apple orchard?"-Jack smiled as he suggested.
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    #2. Love Proposal

    Say, has this place always been so dark?

    No, master, it is because your eyes are closed.
    But you cannot give up now, you must stand up and fight.
    I shalll help you in any way possible, master.

    You're right, i cannot give up, after we've come this far
    [The girl took a deep breath, gathered her strength, and stood up once again, to fight the remaining demons.]
    [Chronos used a powerful spell to help the girl recover.]

    I'm sorry for being so reckless, Chronos.
    Let's finish this, so we can get some rest.

    [Chronos quietly nodded.]


    [After that battle, they went to Cactakara's waterfall and took a nap to recover their energy.]

    Say, Chronos, were you worried about me back then?

    Of course i was worried, master, i do not want to lose you.

    But when you're by my side, i can handle anything.
    I just didn't get any proper rest before that battle.

    Do you really care about me that much?

    You are my dearest friend and i don't think i can live without you.

    I do enjoy fighting by your side, master.
    But i think we've done enough for today.
    Let us just take it easy now.

    That's a good idea, Chronos

    [As the evening fell, and the moon started to shine bright, the two stared in eachother's eyes.]
    [After a moment, the girl started talking.]

    Don't you wish this moment would last forever?

    Although i agree with you, we must protect this world we love so much.

    As long as i have you by my side, i can go anywhere
    But this will still be a wonderful memory, don't you think?

    Indeed, master, watching a full moon near the waterfalls is a beautiful experience.

    [After a moment of silence, the girl took her breath and said:]

    Chronos, i- i found this ring in the Twilight Forest today.
    I want you to have it.

    [Struck by silence, Chronos slowly reached out for the ring.]

    ..Master, excuse me for asking, but do humans not give eachother a ring, when they.. confess to eachother?

    [The girl got nervous.]

    Master, i appreciate this gift, but i am not familiar with the emotion called "love"

    E-even so, i still want you to have it.

    [The girl starts looking away from Chronos.]
    [Her heart starts beating faster and faster.]

    ..But master, do you really feel that way about me?

    I-i do.
    And i don't mind if you can't feel the same way, i just want to be with you.

    I want to stay by your side too, master.

    [The girl then gathered all of her courage to make a proposal to Chronos]

    #1. Love Declaration

    Let's make a promise.
    A promise that cannot be broken.
    It is time for us to move to a new chapter of our lives.
    Let our past be but memories, and look towards a bright future.


    Chronos, will you marry me?

    [Chronos gave a light smile.]

    Yes master, i will.
    And perhaps, one day i will be able to feel that emotion.

    [The two of them then slowly fell asleep in the moonlight]

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    #2. Love Proposal

    Soft snow can be seen in one's eyes in Silent Ice Fields.

    Fukase, a young Envoy of Gaia looks at the snowy fields to calm his brain...and his heart. Clutching his left hand, he could feel a ring that he got while fighting one of the bosses in Cadilla Felwood. He knew what this would mean, the fact that he met a special someone on his way to fight the Shadow Knight, Reinhardt. Yet, on the inside, he fears of rejection by him. Tears began to show up slowly on the corner of his eyes.

    Was this the feeling of a thought about get rejected by someone special that he loves?

    "Fukase, are you ready to head out?" A familiar voice calls out to him.

    Realizing that he was about to cry, Fukase used his hand to wipe out the tears and hid the ring in his pocket. Looking behind him was Alucard, an Eidolon that help him on his journey to stop Reinhardt and happen to be Fukase's special person.

    "Yeah, I'm ready. Lets go and meet up with Andre to see what we are up against" Fukase's voices weakens as he replies to Alucard.

    Alucard knew something was fishy about Fukase since his personality was mostly a happy, to-go person. But knowing how humans could have sensitive feelings about something, he would not ask the Envoy what was wrong.

    Meeting up with Andre, Fukase and Alucard help fight the demon army to break down the defense to find Reinhardt. No sight of Reinhard or the rest of the demon army was left in Dark Fortress. Noticing that there is a cave to enter Frozenlea Plains, Fukase tells Andre that Reinhardt might be in there. The trio rushed to the entrance of Frozenlea Plains, and prepare one of the biggest battles in their lives. Times were tough, even when Andre went to stop Von, leaving Fukase and his eido behind. After the battle, escape of Reinhardt, and the death of Maggie, everyone was tired and began to exit the dungeon. As the church's army began to leave, Fukase started to pass out. Alucard ended up catching him and check his forehead, only to find out that the Envoy happens to gotten a fever.

    "Alucard, please take Fukase back home so he can recover from the fever. Also, tell him that he deserves a rest since that battle we fought was tough." Victoria ask the Eidolon since she knew that Fukase can trust any Eidolon since the day he became an Envoy of Gaia.

    While the Eidolon carried his Envoy to the cabin, a soft yet weak voice came out of Fukase's mouth.

    "When we get to the cabin...something I want to tell you..."

    Entering the cabin, Alucard put Fukase on a bed and watching him to see if he would wake up. A good 2 hours of watching, the tired Envoy woke up in shocked to see that he is back in the cabin.

    "Who took me back here?!" Fukase questioned as he looked around.

    "You passed out and I had to take you here." Alucard replied to the question.

    "Oh...thanks, Alucard" Fukase begin to smile at the Eidolon.

    "While you were passed out, you said that you want to tell me about something. What is it that you wanted to tell me?" Alucard began to ask the Envoy about this.

    Fukase knows he has to do this. The fact that the chances of him being rejected might be fifty percent or more. He can't let the negativity get the hold of him now. Reaching into his pocket, he pull out a crystal ring.

    "I have been meaning to say this, but the thought of rejection has be swallowing me. It feels like I have to carry all of this on my shoulders. Why am I even..." Tears began to form around Fukase's red eyes.

    "Fukase, I-" Alucard began to answer the Envoy's question but was cut off by Fukase.

    "You could also reject this. I really don't mind." Fukase tried his best to hide the fact that he only wished to be accepted by Alucard but yet it only ended up obvious to the Eidolon.

    "I knew that for a fact that after we met, you began to have a feeling towards me. A feeling that humans feel like something was missing. what you humans call it. I also happen to begin to feel that emotion." Alucard spoke this to his Envoy that he loved so much that he would even sacrifice himself to see Fukase live.

    "So... you are saying..." Fukase did not know what was next from that statement.

    "I'm saying that I accept your proposal. Nothing matters to me but you. I will still find you even if it takes centuries to find you." The Eidolon let these words come out to let his special Envoy know that he loves him.

    "Sounds like I made the right choice. To deny the negativity of my heart and accept the fact that I have something... no someone to love." Fukase hug Alucard and ended up letting tears come down while smiling to his newly lifelong partner.
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