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    Server Maintenance 22/06/2017: Eidolon Marriage System!

    It's our Gods turn this time! In this week's maintenance, the Eidolon System will suffer from a major update with several new additions to the game. The brand new content will allow you to unlock your Eidolons potential even further!

    Server Maintenance June 22.
    Aprox. Offline Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours
    Starting Time: No ETA yet.

    Patch Notes
    - Fixes to LV. 78 Quest "Recharging"
    - Adventurer Encyclopedia Updated.
    - Costume Album Updated.
    - New Mail System.
    - New Eidolon UI.
    - New Eidolon Stories System: You can play the Eidolon Stories game from it's own tab, in the Eidolon Menu. In it, you basically have to listen to the mini tales of your Gods between each other (of Eidolons you posess, of course). By doing so, you collect Eidolon Points, which allows you to unlock brand new bonuses to your eidolon stars, and to complete several new Eidolon's Medals.
    - New Eidolon Marriage System: When your Eidolon reaches level 60 and all three of his/her buffs are unlocked, you can vow your love from the Eidolon Menu (the Evolution Button changes itself to the Vow your Love Button). Then, it's as simple as giving to your Eidolon an Oath Ring (which you will be able to obtain exclusively this week through our LP and AP promotions). As soon you vow your love to your Eidolon, the Eidolon itself will become Four Stars. The eidolon needs to be level 70 and maxed out, to unlock the four stars buff.
    - 4* Buff Reroll: Same as other stars buff, the four star of your eidolon can be rerolled. As simple as using an special scroll for it, you can make your party formation as powerful as you want.

    New Paragon Table: Summer Edition
    Available from June 22th to June 29th. The arrival of Summer it's the perfect excuse to have a fun and relaxed time in the world of Azuria. With the addition of some brand new items (scuba mask -checked- watermelon pop -checked- flower's crown -checked), the re-release of some oldie ones (bikinis! bananas! bubblegum!), and the company of a lovely eidolon and some very beach-ready mounts, this Paragon will be all about the sun, the beach and having a good time.

    New Promotions:
    AP/LP Promotion - Consumables Edition:
    The release of the new Eidolon Systems puts some new consumables into play: so in this week's promotions, you will be able to find Oath Rings and Rerolls Bundles with good discounts. But that's not all! Forging scrolls, superior and advanced fortifications scrolls, exp items and boosts, basically everything you really like to see in your Promotions, for seven days.

    Promotions will be available from June 23 to June 30.

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    summer = fgs scrolls . thanks aura xd
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    The snorkels looks fun. Thank you Aura

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    Thank you, Aura

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    Nice promo '^' thank you Aura and dev!
    Also Aura are we only able to marry one eidolon each char?

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    yaya baha 4 star incoming

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    Thanks Aura-chan!!! />w</

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    Awwww i dont have chances to buy much Forging scroll on this week x.x . but anyway, very Awesome updated, thank so much Aura and the team. good luck!♥

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