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    [Screenshot Contest] Cosplay Party!

    A while ago, after receiving other complaints about promotions and pvp, Ema decided to cool off a bit and find something to explore.
    So she went to Victoria to ask what is this manga she is always talking about.
    And so Victoria introduces her to world of manga, and oh my, Ema is drowned into that world! She viciously starts reading it so that she almost forgets about her duties!
    But that's not over! Vicky took a risk and introduced Ema to the world of cosplay. And now she can't stop cosplaying characters or EVEN people from her kingdom.
    She also tries to cosplay Mia, which is a reason why you see Ema with white hair a lot.
    But the maddens of cosplay took a whole new level! She wants to hold a cosplay contest and reveal the best cosplayers of Azuria!

    You will need to cosplay a certain character from anime/manga/game/novel and etc. You can even try to cosplay real people, if you are brave enough!
    But do you think that we will accept just an ordinary screenshot with cosplay from you? Nope! You will need to think of a plot of your screenshot! Whether it's a cosplay party or an attempt to cosplay a scene from anime. It can be anything as long as it has a plot! And don't forget the description of your screenshot!
    Also, you can do a screenshot together with your friends. But the maximum amount of people on the screenshot is 5.
    And btw, you are prohibited from editing your entry! But you still can crop it if you need.

    Who you can't cosplay?

    You are a bit limited in cosplaying characters from specific sources. So let's state who you can't cosplay even if you wanted to:

    1. You can't cosplay a character that doesn't have an official source

    This basically means you can't cosplay any OCs (original caracters), whether they are yours or somebody else's. Every character, that you cosplay, should have an official source like a cartoon, an anime, a manga or a game.

    2. You can't cosplay certain characters due to existence of their costume pieces/sets in our game

    This list consist of next characters:
    1). Date A live - Yoshino, Kotori, Tohka, Kurumi, Reine, Miku, Yamai twins
    2). Hitsugi no Chaika - White Chaika, Red Chaika, Blue Chaika
    3). Fairy tail - Natsu, Lucy, Erza
    4). Re:Zero - Emilia, Ram and Rem, Elsa, Priscilla
    5). Hyperdimension Neptunia - Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert
    6). Aura kingdom - Serena, Endora, Cesela, Astraea (both forms), Alucard (both forms), Bealdor (both forms), Uriel (both forms), Kotonoha, Alice, Fenrir, Diao-chan, Chronos, Freya, Amaterasu, Tyr, Muse, Verdandi, Lucifer;
    Victoria, Imma, Alex, Andre, Anya

    There might be more characters, but Ema could just forget about them. Just remember, that if a character from a source has set or piece of set in AK, then you can't use him/her for cosplaying.

    3. You can't cosplay characters in their unofficial outfits

    Basically, you are prohibited from cosplaying characters in kimonos, school uniforms and swimsuits unless it's their official outfit.
    But remember, that the most advantage will be given to players, that will try to cosplay characters in other clothes.
    Exclusion: Vocaloids, but they should have a song, from which their outfit was taken.

    4. You can't cosplay a character, that was already cosplayed in this thread

    Should I even explain it? xD

    What each entry should consist of?

    - Screenshot
    - Description
    - IGN(s) of participant(s)
    - Name of a character, its source name, and image with their usual appearance
    You can see in the first reply of this thread our example of the entry. But you don't need to strictly follow it, just include 4 main points mentioned above.

    Deadline: 10/06/2017, 10:00 pm -server time-

    There will be 3 winning screenshots. 1 Grand Winner and 2 Honorable Mentions.
    They (which means every player, whose IGN you stated) will receive the same prizes: you can choose 1 of the packs that are mentioned below. As for the Grand Winner, all of them will also receive Demeter's key of Gaia as an additional prize!

    What packs do we have?

    Fashion Style
    Head costume + Face costume + Body costume of your choice! (Except for Production, Card battle, Guardian Knight, and STH costumes)

    Grind is Love, Grind is Lyfe
    10x Advanced XP Card + Seven Day XP Crystal + Pink Sprite + Guardian Sprite of Gaia!

    Git Gud
    120% FGS + 10x Fortification Scrolls of your choice!

    Animal Kingdom
    1x Mount (Gold or Orange) + 1x Pet of your choice!

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    Before this contest, Ema made the whole city cosplay any character, including the templars. Sadly, Andre and Alex were on honeymo... I mean on duty at the time, with only Anya and Vicky left. At first, Vicky was against it, but then she accepted her fate, unlike Anya. She was fighting with Ema because she didn't want to wear Athena's horrible clothes. After patrolling around some areas of the kingdom, Victoria decided to head back to Chapel. She wanted to report to Ema that everything seems to be fine, but then, she saw this scene. Anya lying on the ground with Ema swearing on her. Turns out that Ema finally made Anya cosplay Athena, but that stubborn templar declined to do any work, so she just laid down on the ground, pretending to be dead. Ema, who was shocked by this behavior, started trying to get that girl up and to go do her duties. If only this could end already...

    IGNs: Ema, Anya, Victoria

    Fenrir -
    Athena -
    Chronos -
    All of them are from the game Aura Kingdom.

    Example was given with prohibited costumes in order to not take some cosplay ideas away from people.
    Also, you shouldn't copy it exactly like that.

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    Vanilla and her partner Ichigo went out for a picnic by the river. Sadly Vanilla disapproves of the waffle that Ichigo made

    IGN: Shoura
    Character: Vanilla from Yumeiro Patissiere
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    As King Omdoria's health deteriorates, the contest for the power of the throne escalates. With a war soon to break out in the kingdom of Ivalice between the knights of the Northern Sky led by Duke Larg and knights of Southern Sky led by Duke Goltana, refuge became scarce for Princess Ovelia. Agrias suggests Ovelia be taken to Lionel Castle, where she believes Cardinal Delacroix of the supposedly neutral Church of Glabados could protect her. However, they were betrayed, Agrias soon learns the cardinal moves to plot against them and have Ovelia executed. During the night they escaped and fled into the thick of the dark forests, facing monstrosities and difficult terrain with Delacroix's men in pursuit.

    They move south in hopes to rally with Ramza's party but alas, somewhere along the way the princess stumbled allowing chance for their pursuers to close the gap. Agrias was more than willing to die in her place if it meant so much to buy her time to escape but Ovelia would have none of it. How could she not? Unaware to her most devoted servant, Princess Ovelia had learned the truth about herself from her captors in Lionel; that she is not who she believes herself to be; the only value in her life was the very veiled deception shrouded around her built by her captors. Now she faces the dilemma of losing the only one true person who would never lie to her, who had shared her isolated life in the church, who would follow her to the ends of the earth and unquestionably follow her duties with every word of the princess spoken as if they belonged to God. And so, Ovelia used her deception, ordered her servant, her protector, her one true leave her and find Ramza.

    Never in the holy knight's sworn dutiful life as her guardian did she ever opposed such orders until now but it is met with repeated equal denial and greater urgency. Caught in struggle of tension,time and confusion, Agrias was reluctant to leave, only if it meant to save the princess with Ramza's help...unaware that the only person she was actually and truly worth saving was herself.

    IGNs Fraulein, Hunterrade


    Agrias Oaks:
    Princess Ovelia:
    All are from: Final Fantasy Tactics from FF series.

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    Running errands and taking phone calls for Junk Shop Heibon takes a toll on Aoba’s stamina. After finishing up the last run, he was starting to gain an immense headache. Aoba went home first to drop his bag off, accidentally leaving Ren behind. He took his meds, and then went in the opposite direction of the shop where rooftops were easily accessible and the view was more open. He was going to rest on one of the roofs, however Koujaku’s Allmate, Beni, found an unusual fairy and was transformed by it while looking for Aoba. Needless to say once Beni found Aoba, any plans of rest for the day were ruined by pecking, constant chatter or insults, and some strange pink fairy. Keeping a neutral expression was not easy when being annoyed by an unusually plump bird mind you.

    Cast thing
    FengXiuYing as Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder [reference: ]

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    The story of the screenshot: On one of the reconnaissance mission, Saruhiko met his old friend * Misaki * and teasing him, stretching the name, immediately called Yata to battle
    If you watch the anime itself, when they meet each time Saruhiko does so with Misaki (showing that he has become stronger in the blue clan)
    Saruhiko is a slim, lanky, young man with messy black hair and blue eyes, framed by rectangular black glasses.
    He usually wears his Scepter 4 uniform, consisting of a white shirt, a gray waistcoat and a long blue coat that he leaves open and whose sleeves are rolled up below the elbow, showing purplish red wrist bands. He also wears dark blue trousers and knee-high black boots. He carries a saber on his left hip.
    On the upper left side of his chest he has the Homra insignia, partially hidden by a self-inflicted burn.
    Fushimi dislikes most of his work's duties and a handful of the people that he is forced to work with, preferring not to spend time socializing with coworkers. As such, he also prefers not to participate in most of his Clan's special events or social activities that are not strictly work-related. However, he will cooperate if necessary with little actual argument, save for perhaps a few muttered complaints. At the same time, he will often disregard his associates and act on his own. While focused on an objective, Fushimi is willing to use some fairly ruthless methods to make his work go more quickly and smoothly, such as drugging an innocent civilian to use her biological computer access. He will even attack former allies without hesitation in order to accomplish his goals.
    IGN: IkselLean
    Character: Fushimi Saruhiko from Project K
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    After taking care of some incident in the last battle, The Ordinary Magician, Marisa decided to go to magic shop to replenish the ingredients for her weapons. It takes some time, since there are a lot of things to buy. Her bags already full since she get excited with the new items such as magic books, scrolls, potions, and mushrooms. She is thinking to use those items to change the color of her Master Spark spell again. "It will looks awesome", she thinks. Then, riding her broom, she takes her purchased items back to her home in the Forest of Magic. That day, the sun shine brightly and she come home with a smile.

    IGN: Mantap

    Character : Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project

    Link :
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    Description: I am not an ordinary girl, I am carrying a 'curse' to turn people into stones. THEY call us monsters, my mom was killed by THEM too. These people who I am talking about are the outside people. When I was still young, I used to stay inside a tower, this tower is OUR home. We own a lot of books too and I love reading. But not so long ago, a boy named Seto Kousuke saved me from my lonely life. He showed me the light and met a wonderful group of people, The Mekakushi Dan! I am Marry, Marry Kozakura, and also the 4th member of Mekakushi Dan. And this is only the beginning of my life with my new family!

    IGN: LadyFiona
    Character: Marry Kozakura from Kagerou Project / Mekakucity Actors
    Wiki Link:

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    Wa ga waga Megumin !


    Baku retsu~Baku retsu la la la la la...Hey,Kazuma-Kazuma ! Megumin is a straightforward girl, who speaks in an old-style Japanese dialect. She can be very hyper and lively at times, and has chuunibyou tendencies like the rest of the Crimson Demon villagers. She is very intelligent, but has very little self-control, especially when it comes to using Explosion magic. She has no problem wasting her spell on empty plains or abandoned castles, as long as she can use Explosion once a day.

    IGN : ShoukoShiomiya

    Character : Megumin from Konosuba
    Ref pic :

    P/S: I had two screenshots posted earlier and i deleted the second one since everyone posted only 1 screenshot.
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    'When will these two love birds be done with their love making. My snake needs me' was the thought that ran through Snake's mind that moment. It was such a pain to accompany his master to see his secret lover. Heck,he would rather stay at the greenhouse with his beloved snake. Oh how he miss the feeling of scales sliding over his skin...

    Name of a character -Snake/Kuroshitsuji
    Source name -
    Image with their usual appearance -
    in a state of mental confusion where i do not even know where and who am i

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