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    Double Exp Week: From May 29 to June 5th.

    Its Time to Level Up!
    Dear Envoys: It's time to grow up. With the extension of our level cap to 99 this week, you will need an extra boost more than ever. And to celebrate the arrival of the brand new maps, it's just what we will give you!

    From this monday (May 29th) until next Monday (June 5th) at 23:59 -server time- you will get x2 exp from defeating monsters, inside and outside dungeons. Plus, you will also get double weapon mastery exp!

    Between the exp boosts and our current pve Paragon Table (available until Thursday, June 1st) you have no excuse: it's time to reach level 90 and unlock the brand new game story!

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    YEAH!!! Let's go get lvling!

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