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    [Scavenger Hunt] Victoria Edition!

    Victoria is a leader of the Templar Squad in Demarech Mines.
    She has blue hair and pink glasses, with a Templar-looking armor similar to Anya and Andre.
    She is one of the three Templar High Commander, notably was the most frequent NPC to use Magic because of her affiliation with Ministry of Magic.
    Victoria is a daughter of Winston, General of Church Knight. He died years before the story took place.
    While shrouding in mystery while he sent Victoria to be taught under the Ministry of Magic,
    she find her father's advice helpful after she manage to track down Reinhardt, the Shadow Knight.......
    What? OK I'll stop, you can read the full story here.

    Event Details [In-Game Event]
    Gather Victoria some Victoria
    Sunday, 28 May 2017, 06:00-07:00 PM Server Time, Channel 1

    Gather Victoria
    Victoria will announce the required items in-game when the event starts.

    Trade Victoria at Crescent Hill Channel 1 (In front of Navea gate, X: 407 Y: 690)
    Trade Victoria the required items in exchange of prizes!
    Trading session will last until the end of event time.

    1st Place
    5.000 Ruby Coins + 20-Slot Backpack

    2nd Place
    4.000 Ruby Coins + 20-Slot Backpack

    3rd Place
    3.000 Ruby Coins + 20-Slot Backpack

    4th-5th Place
    2.000 Ruby Coins + 20-Slot Backpack

    6th-10th Place
    1.000 Ruby Coins + 20-Slot Backpack

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