Geting the ingredient is work, buying the second ingredient is expencive, and adding crafting cost is the problem. i agree that the second ingridient may have a cost in any of the crafting metods. but, cost from crafting should not exist, please remove that last expence, it stop new players to explore alchemy, crafting and cooking, also i like to do alchemy and cooking but cant cos is soooooo expencive.

hp potion. please reduce te price of alchemy when crafting hp potions. they are whay to expencive per unit in comparation with the ones that are sold by NPC. also, the hp potion is weak in comparation iven the lvl 65 is basicly useles cos it regenerates hp no % of hp. hp potion are weak, expencive, and in oter games this things are one of the principal reason to become alchemist, cos you can produce healing items with lower cost tnan those ofthe NPC, stronger and cheaper.

using potions from the game. Lvl 70 potions since is the stronges on alchemy til naw. also consider that a regular player have at leas 60,000 HP at lvl 70

Lvl 70 NPC Superior HP Tonic. price u:192s *100u= 19,2g Recovery per potion 7210HP.
Lvl 70 Alchemy Recovery Syrum. Price if the farming material give us 5 ingridients. price u 2.8g *100 = 280g Recovery per potion 4361HP
meaning that
alchemy potion is 14 times more expencive than a NPC potion and also 1.6 times weaker
no counting time used on gatering ingridients, but im sure that the time need to produce 100 potions is whay to long if we compare the time we neer to produce 24,1g to boy 100 NPC potions. by the whay this NPC potions are weak also, so a reform on all this prices and power is needed.