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    Housing System Ranking

    Hi peoples

    I'm not new to the game, but I am new to the forums and I just came back after being absent from the game for some time.
    After having to sort my whole house out all over again, I was reminded how ranking up was a real drag last time I was here. Been stuck at rank 4 xD
    Is there any faster way to rank up at a decent speed? Or is it just... loads and loads of crafting/patience/gold and doing this and that here and there everywhere to get ingredients to craft even better stuff..?

    Or is there a tutorial anywhere about the best way to craft furniture/housing items etc to rank up faster on the forum, since I am new to this xD...


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    First of all: Welcome back and welcome to the forums

    this sounds more of an AK-themed problem to me and this is the "Twin Saga" section.
    So, you should go to the section Aura Kingdom - General Gameplay and state your problem there.
    I'm sure there are more players who can help you out

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    Thanks ^_^ and o.o' Oh my god it is? bahahaha!! I am so sorry xD! Still having trouble navigating. Thankyou for pointing that out for me <3

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