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    help with God Tower

    hi everyone like the title say im having problem with god tower the first its just way to hard he can kill with just 2 target skills and are undodgeable i wanna ask if because i have a bad gear or maybe im playing to bad

    my actual gear is the neroka set the game give to you at lvl 65 and 67k hp 16k defense

    ty for your atention

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    Nerokas set is supposed to help you reach max level, not clear end game content. 67k hp is extremely low, especially on squishy classes
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    the problem is im doing main quest god tower solo mode and im dying no matter what i do so now im stuck with the main quest

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    get better gears and fortify them (i havent seen the nekoras set so idk which is better between it and lv70+ gears), use paladin or cleric with mc common skills (its fine to use other classes but i prefer these because of the cleric's op heals and paladin's tankiness and mc's op dps skills)
    try dodging the red carpets of the bosses otherwise increase your hp and possibly def and mspd
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    Did you try spamming ranged skills at max range while constantly moving left/right of the boss? That should be enough to take it down.
    Also setting your auto-potions to 90-99% helps quite a bit, as well as using Regen ones, tho they may be a bit expensive for new players.
    If you're a melee class, simply use Firework Bomb and Heaven's Wrath/Magic Grenade until the boss goes down, it's a long a fight this way but doable.

    If that won't do, then go back and farm lower level ones and upgrade your senshi, starstones and equipment.

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    Best Advice is. Especially if it's Gods Tower for Solo mode. Burst the Boss down, with everything you got. I'd use a cleric or Paladin for the first boss, and the mobs til you reach the bottom floor. Switch to your most powerful DPS Class, and burst the boss down. If he is about to do his Killer AoE of Doom, Use Ultimate to hopefully survive and continues to burst, then you're done.

    Also Make sure, by that time you do these preferences.

    - Craft better Gear Preferably 70 or 80 Orange with ATK Stat somewhere.
    - Farm better Starstones, DEF or ATK (Based on community's statement)
    - Upgrade your Senshi levels or Evolving them for better Star Stats
    - Use Regen Potions -5% hp recovery- For the Last boss, while using the lesser pots for everything else aside from the last boss
    - Bring Food with you, Anything that lets you survive, or raising your chances to deal more Damage.
    - Make sure your weapon, if its 70+ or more, is 50+ Fortified. Rest of your gear if 70+ make it at least 40+ or more to survive better

    That's all I can think of. Some of these suggestions is from other player's experience, so some might not be the ideal way to go, but this is to give you an idea. ^^

    Also, Nekoras Dungeon is basically a Gear Check, same goes with God Tower.
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    Can you sort the lag out on 1st boss in Gods Tower please, Because its really annoying when the fps drops during his charge/stun which to clerics is a lot of damage.

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