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    Post Guild Listings In Twin Saga

    Hello everyone I know it is hard to find some guilds now these days but I want to post this to see if this will help anyone in need of a good guild. Now I do not know about all the guilds out there in Twin Saga that are still active and still recruiting but please let me know so I can add your guild to the list. Just tell me who the guild leader is, what language, active and if you are still recruiting.

    • Cuddles - English - Not Active-ish (Not - Recruiting) - Guild Leader: Waifu
    • Warning - Brazilian - Currently Active (Recruiting) - Guild Leader: Khrys
    • 8bit - English - Currently Active-ish (Recruiting) - Guild Leader: Fio
    • AstralRealm - Spanish - Currently Active (Recruiting) - Guild Leader: Pinku
    • MoeCureAcademy - English - Currently Active (Recruiting) - Guild Leader: GinSakata
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