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    Quote Originally Posted by ganbaster View Post
    XxAniexX ravager ninja level 88

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganbaster View Post
    XxAniexX ravager ninja level 88
    We need people to sign up in party gan.

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    > Ceyx Lv.95 Rav/Crus (Available at any time unless weekdays, free after 7pm Server time)
    > Michaela Lv.92 Shuri/Crus (Available at any time)
    > 918s Lv.93 Rav/Bard (in 2k17 lul) (Available at any time on weekends, 5pm-11pm on weekdays)
    > Kim_Hyuna Lv.94 Guard/Bard (Available at any time)
    > NaTsuKi Lv.94 Rav/Guns (Available at 2am/8am mostly)
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    Uh... What am I supposed to write here?

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    Team "maialamos"
    -SniperFang lv.95 full gear 90 +30 (gunner/shuriken/bard)
    -Hra lv.92 full gear 90 +30 (wizard/bard)
    -LoweR lv.92 full gear 90 +30 (duelist/shuriken/lancer)
    -WinryRockbel lv.95 full gear 90 +30 (gunner/shuriken/lancer)
    -Leila lv.95 full gear 90 +30 (shuriken/crusader/lancer)

    Party set up always at 6:50pm on the week end free all day, all other day of week 6pm-00am

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    good luck all!♥

    ❁Click Here to My Youtube Battle Guardian❁

    𝕭𝖆𝖙𝖙𝖑𝖊 𝕲𝖚𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖓|𝕾𝖍𝖎𝖊𝖑𝖉
    A strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power,
    but weak man knows the value of strength and knows compassion
    Become Useful and Skilled, Not High HP

    Guardian Since Open Beta
    (Effort, Love, Blood and Sweat)

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    AsunaYami LV95 Crusader/Lancer
    HolyCrys LV95 Crusader/Lancer
    Kagouya LV95 Lancer/Bow
    Nau LV95 Gunslinger/Bard
    BaKA LV95 Crudader/Lancer

    SatouSatomi LV95 Lancer/Bard
    Chuppachup LV95 Sorcerer/Bard
    Oruga LV95 Crusader/Lancer
    lYukkiAsunal LV95 Crusader/Lancer

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    Wallenstein party .. !

    Exoy : Tachi shuriken - lvl 95 (full +30) (gear 90 + 95 trophy )

    Kanat : Lancer bard - lvl 92 (full +30 ) (gear 80 & 90 )

    DrakHewz : Crusader Shuri lvl 95 (full+30 ) (gear 90 & 80 + 95 trophy )

    HakiTori : Shuriken lancer lvl 93 (full +30 ) (gear 80 & 90 )

    OutSide : Sorcerer bard lv 95 (full +30 ) (gear 80 & 90 + trophy 95 )

    We are always connected, there is no problem of schedules and we have good connection
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    KuroSakura- Lvl 90 Crus/ Lancer [~Usually 10am-10pm] Forum account- KuroSakura
    Lafra- Lvl 90 Lancer/ Bard [~6pm-1am, weekend any time] Forum account- Momonga
    Nintendo- Lvl 90 Ravager/Bard [~1pm-10pm, Weekends anytime] Forum account- Nintendo
    Selathira- Lvl 92 Bow/ Bard [Weekdays can't get on from 3/4pm-9pm/12am, weekend any time] Forum account- Rukusu
    Varunastra- Lvl 93 Lancer/ Bard [~10am -6/7pm] Forum account- Kubrik
    Glaceon somehow isn't ded yet
    Last edited by Rukusu; 03-26-2017 at 06:17 PM. Reason: Last minute switching of people wheeee
    Selathira - Bow

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    Once again, I will ask players to sign up in TEAMS only.
    You need to sign up with a 4-5 members party, including everyone's nick in your reply and your playing usual time (in server time).
    If you want to offer yourself to other people who is trying to make-up a team for this recruitment, you can always open a thread at the Recruitment Section.

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    i have 1 question, is this going to happen in regular STH hours ? (like 2/8 pm/am) ?

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