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    [CBT Open Recruit] Sky Tower and Sky Tower Hell - Floors 36 to 40.

    Hello Community!
    Once again, we will ask for your help in order to test the upcoming content. Our next patch will include the addition of Sky Tower Classic and Sky Tower Hell floors 36-40.

    Like many other Closed Betas but mostly in the case of Sky Tower, we need a good number of active players in order to check the content and drops (mostly for Sky Tower Hell, of course). The players will need to be active and have available free time to do run tests with the rest of the group for the following 14 days.

    We are looking for players between level 85 and 95 to check the content, preferably familiar with Sky Tower Hell mechanics and with decent gears. In order to improve the organization of the following test, we will ask players to sign up in parties for the Beta Test (between 4 and 5 members).

    Only one person will sign up with the name of all of the characters in the party. It should include the time of login (in server time) usual playing time of the whole party. In case one of the party members can't join at one of the testing runs, the team will be able to find/invite a replacement. The party you sign up on this thread will also be the party you will do the runs ingame.

    You will have time to sign up until next Monday (March 27) when the beta starts. Current Beta Testers will be wiped from the category, so even if you already have the Beta Test Title you still need to sign up if you want to participate. We are looking between 20 and 30 players.

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    xMouhawr Lancer/Shuriken lvl 95

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    Liliith_ Lancer/Holy Sword lvl 91

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    "we will ask players to sign up in parties for the Beta Test (between 4 and 5 members)."

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    MasakiMei Shurikn/Holy Sword lv 95

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    Team Sons of Belenus

    FearMe LV 95 Lancer/Bow
    Kimoki LV95 Shuriken/Crusader
    Sametbh LV 95 Rav/Crus
    Staiks LV 95 Lancer/Shuriken
    CamillaFox LV 94 Lancer/Guns

    we are all flexible with times and should be able to be there at any time in the 2 weeks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kohane View Post
    MasakiMei Shurikn/Holy Sword lv 95
    Quote Originally Posted by iiSkyFox View Post
    Liliith_ Lancer/Holy Sword lvl 91
    Quote Originally Posted by mouhawr View Post
    xMouhawr Lancer/Shuriken lvl 95
    We need people to sign up in already made teams, because otherwise it takes more time to organize the parties than the runs themselves. Not everyone has that much available time, reason why we ask players to enter the test server and find their party members to teleport to the floors. Its also a way for us, in case someone is missing (which happens often) to ask them to find a replacement.

    It's always better, for you and us too, to sign up with people you can contact outside the game.

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    Campanella Holy Sword/Shuriken Lv95 (can go on Verastella Lv91 Lancer/Holy Sword as well) - Flexible Time
    Liliith_ Lancer/Holy Sword Lv91 - Flexible Time
    Melvin Wizard/ Shuriken Lv95 - Flexible Time
    xMouhawr Lancer/Shuriken Lv95 - 10AM - 8PM
    Silphy Shuriken/Lancer Lv95 - 9AM - 2AM


    Off-game communication and back-up party members (that meet requirements) if needed. \o/
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    Jewel Verastella Rozelle
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    Jewel Sapphire
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    - ReAlive Shuriken/Bow Level 95 / forum account name: ReAlive
    - Sylphistia Shuriken/Crusader Level 95 / forum account name: a1pha_5tigma
    - Artillier Shuriken/Bow Level 95 / forum account name: Artillier
    - Giga Shuriken/Crusader Level 95 / forum account name: Elni
    - Latin Katar/Crusader Level 95 / forum account name: Aggro

    We're available from 3-9pm+
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    ReAlive SLVL5- Shuri
    SLVL5 - Crus
    SLVL5 - Bard
    SLVL10 - Sorc
    SLVL10 - Lancer
    SLVL5 - Bow
    SLVL5 - Rav
    SLVL5 - Guard
    SLVL5 - Necro
    SLVL5 - Guitar
    SLVL5 - Wizard
    SLVL5 - Katar
    SLVL5 - Tachi

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    Team Last Hope
    lSoral Lv92 Shuriken/Holy Sword
    Antoniette Lv91 Holy Sword/Lancer
    AyumiTadashi Lv90 Ronin/Katar
    Netsky Lv90 Ronin/Shuriken
    l17l Lv87 Guardian/Bard
    Please we are anytime avaliable
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