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    Lightbulb Change the Price or Currency Used to Buy the Name Change Scroll

    Before you get on me about "wanting more free stuff out of the private server", hear me out.

    First, I would like to say that any suggestions I may make in the future concerning prices are only to balance how much they cost vs. how much they are wanted/whether or not they are worth the price they are labeled as, and whether or not they are important enough to be limited to donors only or if they should also be available to people who use LP as their main currency in IM.

    It's easy how prices usually work: Things that are less wanted usually do not cost as much as an item that is particularly expensive and when given the choice between two things that you want that cost the same amount, you will generally go for the thing that will benefit you the most or that will result in the maximum amount of enjoyment that you can get for your money.
    So if this is a true fact, and it is my opinion that it is, then let us get into some simple, simple statistics to explain why the Name Change Scroll's price is not very balanced for what it does compared to other prizes in the bonus mall.

    First, let's establish something that most players, but not all, know:
    10HXAsNtG.png = 1ouQkVuK.png

    Here are the five payment options when you decide to purchase HXAsNtG.png:

    1) $5 = 590HXAsNtG.png = 59ouQkVuK.png
    2) $10 = 1,200HXAsNtG.png = 120ouQkVuK.png
    3) $15 = 1,830HXAsNtG.png = 183ouQkVuK.png
    4) $25 = 3,125HXAsNtG.png = 312.5ouQkVuK.png
    5) $50 = 6,500HXAsNtG.png = 650ouQkVuK.png

    You only get 650 points from spending $50.
    Now, when you see the deals in the ouQkVuK.png store, such as:




    It is fairly obvious that these prices and these ratios are pretty fair for what you get.


    Not so much.

    Now, most people might say that it's a luxury and needs to continuously be treated like one, or that we're lucky to have the item at all.
    But tbh, who wants this when they can have 50 Astral Crystals, which could make them thousands and thousands of gold if they're lucky, and get them costumes? Or when they can have a new senshi and three costume pieces? Versus deals like these, the name change seems pretty lame.

    Now I'm not saying that these should be lowered to the point where they're too easy to get.. but having them cost more than 50 astral pieces and being limited only to (mainly) donators (the exception is the 12HXAsNtG.png per day thing but getting 8,600HXAsNtG.png out of that would take forever) isn't very fair.

    And yes, I realize that the argument that "to have a new name without a name change scroll means leveling a new character to 80" exists, but it still should be available to a wider variety of people and should still cost less than something that can make you thousands and thousands of gold off of, like I said before.

    Imo, one of three things should be done:

    1) Lower the cost of Name Change Scrolls in the Store dramatically to something that would be somewhat understandable. 860ouQkVuK.png is way too much just for a change of a name. Maybe 300ouQkVuK.png, maybe less. It shouldn't be lowered to a point where it's easy to get, but it shouldn't stay at how high it currently is either.

    2) Leave the current cost of the scroll but make it available in the LP store. Much easier for players who don't want to donate.


    3) Both. Converting ouQkVuK.png to LP would make the LP cost of the scroll somewhere around
    5000-10000 LP (I'm too lazy to make the math exact it's 9:59 and I have school tomorrow aofehaouehfa). Though it would reduce the cost if put in the LP store, you could almost buy another 50 Astral Crystals with the LP you'd be spending on that name change scroll.

    Let me ask you all a few questions before I get potential answers:

    If you guys wanted to change your name, would you spend $50+ dollars to get 860ouQkVuK.png for the name scroll, which you could otherwise spend on more useful things, such as senshi or astral puzzle pieces?

    Do you think that the scroll is really worth that much for how little it does?

    What price would you put it as? Why?

    I'd also like to make one request:
    Please do not comment saying I am only looking for handouts. Let's be real here: I didn't ask for anything free. I didn't ask for something of high value (in my opinion) or anything that would help my performance or change my character's appearance in the game. This post's purpose is to analyze the cost of a particular item that does not seem nearly as important or as beneficial to a player for how much it costs, and compare it to other things that these players would be much more likely to buy.

    Also, a final note:
    I realize that the ouQkVuK.png shop's purpose is to pamper the people who do decide to donate. That is very obvious with all the wonderful deals they have. The fact that the server gives back to the players is honestly a wonderful system. However, even if the Name Change Scroll continues to be a luxury only for those who decide to donate, it is still a luxury that is overpriced.

    (Also I apologize if things are a liiiiiittle sloppy. It's 10PM and I didn't drink my coffee, so I'm super groggy but wanted to get this done.)

    Thank you for your time.
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