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    Thou it just a suggestion but about the GM would it bad to have at least 1 or 2 that have same time as Asia or other time to match up. Because mostly i saw the mini event that GM made mostly around PM on server time while at Asia its already night or some of it midnight. Wont it make like less fun for Asia side because their only get few bits of the fun and have to stay up late night just to wait the mini event that been made. But this is just a suggestion.

    others i like the new player. Mostly their really kind and gentle afterall we just need to properly guide them thats all
    I do every week at least one random Asian timezone proper event just like other GM's do random events for their time zones. Ivor and GoGo are also starting to do their events for Asian timezone if they wish to do so. I will do another event in game this weekend so stay tuned!

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    I had to reply to this post, I truly think it is a magnificent post. You covered some of the main points. I wanna bump this back up to the top.

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