Server Rates

-EXP from killing x4 (triple EXP from monsters, half EXP required to level up)
-Class EXP from killing x3 (Double EXP from monsters, half EXP required to level)
-EXP from Quest X2
-Double Gold Drop from Dungeons
-Profession EXP x2 (Half required to level up gathering, cooking, fishing, etc)
-Double Dungeons Entries (75% the time required to refresh)
-Formulas Drop Rate X3

Server Content:

-We realese the server in a full TW's version: meaning fortune bags, evolution of items, the senshi system, everyhting is set just like in TW, None of the US version will be applied.
-More Classes: Monk, Magic Cannon and Samurai Avaliable, from lvl 1, without unlocking needed.
-Up to lvl 75 Main quests, Lv. 80 Maps and Dungeons, Lv. 80 Cap and Gear, Lv. 80 Class Cap
-And of course, the certainty you will have far more content in the future, and sooner!

Custom Changes:

-Evolution Stone Chest not only drops in Dungeon's Party and Hell Mode, but also in Solo Mode
-Double Items Stack
-Inventory Bag Expanded (You can have up to 200 slots)
-Cottage Warehouse Expanded (You can place +200 furnitures in your cottage)
-All bosses inside Dungeos drop 10 LP
-Blue Costume items have 3 default stats, 2 fixed and 1 random one.

Custom Gifts and Rewards

-Free Daily AP: You get 12 AP Daily AP for staying online 3 hours.
-Monthly Login Reward: Besides ingame daily login rewards and free AP, you'll get a special prizes for reaching an amount of hours online during the month. If you reach 150 hours online on a month, you will instantly receive a gift in your shopping cart. Every month, the prizes will change.
-Welcoming Pack: Wich you will get in your account as soon you create your first character. Among other thing, you'll recieve important consumables, one custom costume, a limited mount and a 120-Slot inventory Backpack.
-First Donation Pack: Unlock a new companion just by supporting the server! No limited amount of donation required! (Aryn)
-Recruit a Friend System: You will be able to unlock a special fortune bag and AP prizes by inviting your friends to play.

Special Item Mall:

- Prices and organization of the Item Mall based in AKTO's shop.
- Loyalty Shop updated with accesible prizes.
- Astral Crystals to play the Astral Puzzle available for Loyalty Points.
- Limited and Special Promotions in both AP and LP.
- Astral Puzzle changing every week, with the introduction of new items.
- New Bonus Mall System: All our supporters will receive a very special treatment. In Twin Saga, the Bonus Mall will be divided in two categories "New" and "Promotions". In the "Promotions" category, you'll find fixed promotions, packs and consumables to exchange for your Bonus Points. While in the "New" Category, you will find very special packs, releases, that will change in monthly basis.