Hey Aura, GM Team and Community

I think we all know that poeple think this server is dead. I mean, there are actually many people playing, but it could be way more.
One thing that I catched is, that the main site of the game is lacking updates completely.

I mean even though there are Patches and Events, the last post on the site is from December,01.16
Also the Information at "Server Information" isn't updated.
There still is stuff like "Double Daily Dungeon Entries", "Level 65 and Class Level 70 Caps", Samurai missing and much more.

Many people look for the actual main page of a Server before they go into the forums and this right now is misleading and seems like the server isn't getting any updates or events etc.

So please Aura and co, consider updating the Main Page from time to time, I guarantee you there will come more players
(Btw. the "opponent" Server is keeping the Main Page updated and recently even rehauled the whole thing)

Thank you for your time!
~ Froggy