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Thread: TS Quidditch!!

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    TS Quidditch!!

    I suggested a Quidditch style event thing on AK ages ago, and I'm going to suggest it here as well (with a few modifications). I think since TS has GMs, then it would be easier to organise compared to AK (but apparently AK is getting its own GMs soon). Besides, TS HAS BROOOOOOOMSSSSSS~



    This is a purely community event with in-game items serving as game balls and interaction mostly being done by trading. I was thinking with enough participants and if people really enjoy this, then there could be weekly matches and a monthly tournament with rewards or something to keep players entertained (and stop the game from dying when content dries up~). There's also potential for GvG~


    General Rules
    - The game will take place over one zone map (including the whole of Meridia, but must use terracottage mount).
    - The scoring zones are the Town and the area outside the Main Quest Dungeon portal (for Meridia, enter Arcadia and Sanctopolis to score). For Arcadia, the Church and Entrance portals may be used to score. If a Dungeon portal is not available, an alternate Scoring Zone may be determined. Scoring Zones determined in this manner must be sufficient distance away from the other team’s Scoring Zone.
    - No player is allowed outside the game area (into Meridia, or into a zone map if on Meridia) with a few exceptions (see Seeker section).
    - Each team has seven players – one Keeper, three Chasers, two Beaters and one Seeker. A referee must also be present to follow the Quaffle, and the Snitch can be counted as another referee (the Snitch Referee), making the total number of participants 16. If extra players are available, they may serve as Keeper Referees to ensure no Beater-Keeper fouls are wrongly announced (for a total of 18 participants). Referees may be GMs.
    - Announcements are to be made on Region chat, with exceptions.
    - Entering a Meridian dungeon, Guild Hall, Terracottage or using the Catcar to teleport is considered a foul.
    - In-game items are used to represent the Quaffle, the two Bludgers and the two Beater Bats (the Snitch is a person).
    - Teams may be identified by mount, costume style, costume colour, specific costume, etc - as long as it is pretty clear who is on what team.
    - Players must be on a mount at all times unless KOed or DKOed. If players are KOed or DKOed, they must be on a mount before they may move again. Beaters to monitor this rule. Deliberate long-distance movement without a mount (a few accidental "twitches" is fine) will count as a foul.

    Interaction in the Game
    - Trades are used to interact within the game. For simplicity’s sake, the person who initiates the trade will be occasionally referred to as the “Attacker”, and the person who receives will be referred to as the “Defender”.
    - A Chaser or a Keeper with the Quaffle will be denoted as Player[q].
    - A Beater with a Bludger will be denoted as Player[b].
    - A player knocked out because of a Bludger will be denoted by [KO]Player.
    - A player knocked out by a SECOND Bludger before recovering from the first KO will be denoted by [DKO]Player (for Double-KO)
    - If a Defender runs out of range of an Attacker’s trade by accident, they must re-trade with the Attacker. If this happens, ROLES ARE NOT REVERSED. The Defender does NOT become the Attacker.
    - If you are knocked out by a Bludger, then you must dismount and re-mount.
    - If you are somehow knocked out by TWO Bludgers, or knocked out by another Beater while dismounted, you must sit down and stand up WITHOUT skipping the animation.

    Starting the Game
    - Both teams start within their respective scoring zones (Town or outside the dungeon). DO NOT leave the starting zone before you are called.
    - The referee will stand in the centre of the map as determined by coordinates (Xmax/2, Ymax/2).
    - First and foremost the Snitch will be released. This must be announced by the Referee. At this point, the Snitch can roam freely around the game map, but is NOT allowed to exit it.
    - The Referee will next announce the release of the Bludgers. The four Beaters must then race to the Referee. The first two Beaters to trade the Referee will receive one Bludger each. Both Bludgers MAY be awarded to the same team, so it is worth sending both of your Beaters to try to capture one. The Referee will announce the two successful Beaters, after which they must return to their own Scoring Zone.
    - The referee then announces the release of the Quaffle. At this point, Chasers from both teams must race to trade the Referee. The first Chaser to trade the Referee will be handed the Quaffle, and their name should be announced. All Chasers to return to their own Scoring Zone after announcement.
    - From this moment on, the Referee must follow the person with the Quaffle. This is to prevent cheating and to ensure accurate scoring.
    - The Referee may then announce the start of the game. At this point, the Snitch is free to roam any map they wish as long as other rules are not violated. Movement buffs on the Meridian continent, however, MAY be purchased if you so wish.

    Rules – Keepers
    - Keepers must stay within the Scoring Zone at all times. This is defined as within the town, and the area immediately outside of a dungeon portal.
    - A Keeper may attack a Chaser[q] to steal the Quaffle from the Chaser. The Defending Chaser must hand over the Quaffle to the Keeper when this happens.
    - Keepers, like Chasers, MUST announce (on region chat) when the Quaffle passes into their possession.
    - Beater[b] may attack the Keeper ONLY if the Quaffle is within the Scoring Zone. Because the Referee is following the Quaffle, this also means that the Referee is present whenever this happens.
    - If the Referee is not present when Beater[b] attacks the Keeper, then this is a foul and the other team may be awarded a Penalty (see Chaser section). Keepers may announce this and Referee may verify.
    - A Beater with a Bludger may attack a Keeper with a Quaffle. The Keeper must then undergo normal procedures (drop the Quaffle, dismount etc) but the Beater MAY NOT pick up the Quaffle.
    - Keepers can only decline Attacks from an opposing Beater when the Quaffle is not within the Scoring Zone. This is also counted as a foul for the Beater, and a penalty may be awarded.
    - Friendly goals ARE allowed – be careful!
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    Rules – Chasers
    - Friendly Chasers may pass the Quaffle between each other and their Keeper by normal trading.
    - If a Chaser receives or steals the Quaffle (i.e. whenever the Quaffle changes hands), they (the receiver of the Quaffle) MUST announce it on Region Chat (this is to prevent people from Attacking the wrong Chaser). In a normal game of Quidditch, the Chaser with the Quaffle is clearly visible, so linking it on Region Chat when receiving the Quaffle is the in-game equivalent.
    - Friendly Chasers may also party with each other if they so wished.
    - If a Chaser Attacks an opposing Chaser[q], the Chaser without the Quaffle will STEAL the Quaffle.
    - If a Chaser[q] is Attacked by a friendly Chaser, then this counts as a forced pass. In this instance, Chaser[q] may refuse the trade if they wish.
    - Prior to dismounting and/or sitting down, [KO]Chaser[q] or [DKO]Chaser[q] must drop the Quaffle by passing it to the Referee. The referee will then announce that the Quaffle has been dropped (on Region Chat, with coordinates) and then must pass it on to the next Chaser to trade with the Referee regardless of what team the receiving Chaser is on. An announcement may be made if necessary.
    - If a Chaser who has dropped the Quaffle manages to remount (recover) from a KO or DKO, then they may reclaim the Quaffle from the Referee if no other Chaser has claimed it.
    - To score, Chasers must make the dungeon selection screen appear (DON’T enter) OR enter the central area of the Town’s scoring zone (depending on what team you’re on). For Meridia, the Chaser must enter Arcadia or Sanctopolis to score, and for Arcadia, the Chaser must exit Arcadia or enter the church to score.
    - Each goal is worth 10 points, obviously.
    - To carry out a PENALTY, the Quaffle must be passed to the Referee after a foul. The Referee will announce a Penalty and ALL 6 Chasers must assemble in their desired formations in the Scoring Zone of the Defending team (the team that committed the foul). The Quaffle is awarded to the Attacking team, who can then attempt to score a goal. The penalty ends when the Defending Keeper or Chasers successfully steal the Quaffle from the Attacking team, or when a goal is scored. Play then resumes as normal.

    Rules – Beaters
    - A Beater[b] may pass the Bludger to the other friendly Beater via trade.
    - To KO a player, the Beater[b] must trade the player and display the Bat AND any Bludgers that they have. Lock and then CANCEL the trade.
    - A Beater[b] may “deflect” an Attack from an opposing Beater[b] by displaying their own Bludger on trade (the Bat does not need to be displayed when deflecting). Deflecting must occur before the Attacker cancels the trade. NB the Defending Beater does NOT have to lock the trade to deflect.
    - A Defending Beater may "steal" the Bludger from an opposing Beater[b] by displaying their Bat AFTER the Attacking Beater displays and locks their Bat & Bludger (any Bludgers the Defending Beater has do not need to be displayed to steal). This must occur BEFORE the Attacking Beater cancels the trade. If the steal is successful, the Attacking Beater must then surrender ALL Bludgers on their locked trade window to the defender. NB the Defending Beater does NOT have to lock the trade to steal. Note that technically the Attacking Beater does not have to display ALL the Bludgers that they have, if they have more than one.
    - A Beater[b] may Attack and KO an opposing Beater[b] if they display their Bat & Bludger and then LOCK AND CANCEL the trade BEFORE the opposing Beater can deflect or steal the Bludger. The opposing Beater must then surrender their Bludger to the successful Attacker. Note as each Beater has one Bludger, it is impossible for a Beater[b] to DKO another Beater[b].
    - A [KO]Player must DISMOUNT and REMOUNT, waiting for the full duration of the general cooldown.
    - To double-KO (DKO) a player, ANOTHER Beater[b] must KO a player who is already KOed and who has NOT RECOVERED from the initial KO.
    - As it is possible for a Beater to obtain BOTH Bludgers, one Beater using their Bat & BOTH Bludgers to KO a player is equivalent to an instant DKO.
    - Beater A may pass their Bludger to a friendly Beater B for Beater B to DKO a player if only one Bludger is available, but this is hard to pull off due to the relatively fast GCD of the mount.
    - A [DKO]Player must UNMOUNT, SIT DOWN and then STAND UP WITHOUT SKIPPING THE ANIMATION before re-mounting and re-entering the game.
    - A KOed player by a certain Beater is immune to Attacks from that same Beater for 5 seconds after dismount, although they may be further KOed/DKOed by a different Beater.
    - If a second Beater Attacks a KOed before the player's mount finishes general cooldown, the player MUST accept the Attack (i.e. they can't purposely wait for the mount to finish cooldown and then ride off on it) or this will count as a foul.
    - A DKOed player is immune from all opposing Beater attacks while DKOed and for 5 seconds AFTER RECOVERY.
    - Any Attacks that are made within the immunity periods stated may be freely declined by the Defender. Any declines AFTER the immunity period is over, however, counts as a foul.
    - Friendly KOs and DKOs ARE allowed – be careful!
    - Beaters may leave the game zone to search for and KO Seekers, but as with the Snitch and Seekers, Beaters may not use the catcars.
    - Beaters may not attempt to KO anyone without a Bludger in their possession. Doing so will count as a foul (because you’re essentially whacking the other player with your bat) and will result in a penalty awarded to the opposing team.

    Rules – Seekers
    - Once the game begins, Seekers, along with the Snitch and the Bludgers (if they so wish) have free roam of the world.
    - Seekers may attempt to capture the Snitch by trading with it.
    - As Quidditch is played in a 3D space and not 2D (which is the only thing TS has), the Snitch MUST EVADE (decline trade) the first THREE capture attempts from ANY Seeker. To prevent bias from the Snitch Referee, evasion is NOT optional.
    - The Snitch is also immune for 5 seconds after a capture attempt, and (perhaps) it would be a good idea for the Snitch to announce each capture attempts, but not mention the name of the Seeker.
    - The Snitch MUST accept the fourth capture attempt made on it from ANY Seeker.
    - Capture attempts are NOT counted by team. One attempt from both Seekers is the same as two attempts from one Seeker, so be vigilant!
    - Seekers may be intercepted by Beaters if Beaters Attack a Seeker before the Seeker can Attack the Snitch. To do this, the Beater MUST have a Bludger in possession.
    - Due to the nature of Seekers and the Snitch, World Chat is advised for announcements.

    Rules – Ending the Game
    - The capture of the Snitch ends the game and awards 150 points for the team. The announcement must be made by the Snitch Referee after being caught, along with the name of the Seeker and team that caught it.
    - The game will NOT end unless the Snitch is caught. In extreme cases, a time limit may be imposed if no Chasers are able to catch the Snitch.
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