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    Gold-less ! Class Spec Reset

    Hi, after playing for several days and few steps before becoming lv 65 as a cleric, I kinda feel it is expensive to re-set spec (especially for cleric)
    This might not enough convincing reason, but as a fan of cleric in most mmorpg, I feel it is expensive to re spec from offensive -> support cleric, and vice- versa.

    Despite the fact, that this game encourage you to change class, and the fact that DPS will always be DPS and cleric should heal, maybe... just maybe you can remove the reset cost (which is around 32g at my current level) or decrease it under 10 gold or so per reset.. for the sake of cleric class...

    It's not that I'm lazy or poor AF or even stingy ( well, a bit ), i think it might be better to put those 32g something more valuable.
    Well, just suggestion...

    p.s im sorry if it s already discussed somewhere else, or such

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    I would love to hear player's feedback on the topic.
    I do believe gold balance is a very essential thing in all mmorpgs, but maybe the specific factor of specializations could be reviewed.

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    well imo first i was against it but when my char reached 65 and i tried a few builds out i lost like 400g a day which kinda hurts for a stats reset

    on current max level reset was like 47g and lets say you play many classes and wanna try stuff out rip your gold

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    Hmm, farming gold isn't that hard but yea I agree that it could be a little lower... At lvl 65 if you decide to try different builds as Gray said, you'll have to spend 47.9g, if both spec + adv spec then it will be 96g. Now considering you didn't like the new build, there goes another 96g to went back to the original one. So yea, +1 for a price reduction.
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    I would say remove the reset cost in general or make it ~10 gold. It would be extremely helpful for some of the classes.

    I main paladin and have an extremely tanky character which I built to have a strong tank role in party dungeons. However, some stages are solo and it's extreme pain to do. Even the easy ones that wouldn't kill dps classes take forever to clear (doing solo Berserker Tower or LP dungeons is torture for a paladin). While your class and gear technically could be changed around to change your stats to do more damage, some parts of your build require A LOT of gold or time for that (starstones, costumes with specific bonuses (+DEF/ATK/CRIT), armor set (tanky or the dps one), crit or hp weapon, etc). Leveling up paladins and clerics or doing solo stages as them in general is a lot of pain. Being able to switch builds to get little bit more damage when needed more freely would help a lot imo.
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    +1 for lower cost / if can totally remove the cost
    farming gold is okay but if used up so many on specs. its abit not worth especially u play a lot of class

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    I'd say lower it to 2/3 or just half of the actual price.
    Totally removing it, doesn't really makes sense to me, I mean you're not supposed to change the specialization tree every 30mins...

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    +1 pls do remove spec cost resets <3 would be great

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    +1. Remove cost pls~ I change my spec very often for certain dungeon runs or when going to arena, everyday. >.<
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    better to lower the price instead of completely removing it
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