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    Welcome to Chimeriad!

    Chimeriad is a guild that doesn't have the reputation of long time guilds moving to Twin Saga... But we do have the excitement of being a new guild that's ready to make its mark. We are a casual guild looking for friendly members that are pretty active. We need people that are ready to help out when they can and that are ready to have a really fun time!


    1) Be friendly, be courteous.

    2) Log on at least once a week!

    3) Don't be rude to other players inside or outside of the guild.

    4) Know that some jokes don't sit well with people and respect that!

    5) Be aware we cannot always help you but will do our best.

    6) Don't be a drama llama.

    7) And the most cheesy rule of all... Have fun!

    Guild Membership Can be terminated by:

    - Inactivity spanning 14 days If you're going on a 14 day vacation let us know.

    -Refusal to follow the rules. There are only 2 strikes.

    To Register Message Blanche, or post here! Let's get this started!

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