[Loyalty Program]
The Bonus Mall!
You think you were familiar with the Bonus Mall? Well, in the world of Twin Saga is a brand new concept. So let me introduce you to it!

The Bonus Mall is a special category of the Item Mall. You will only find it ingame. Is the Second Tab of the Item Mall, and it uses a special currency. You get Bonus Points when you spend AP in the Item Mall of the game. The rate is 1:10, meaning that every 10 AP points you spend on our Item Mall, you get 1 Bonus Point in return. It doesn't matter where you got those AP points from; the Free Ap per login also gives you Bonus Points. So basically, you also get 1 free Bonus Point each day. Bonus Points can be spend at any given moment of the month and they have no expiration period.

In the Bonus Mall you will only find two categories: [New] and [Promotions]. There a two basics and important differences between the two.
The [Promotions] category is filled with useful ingame items; consumables, evolution scrolls, exp items and even Astral Crystals to play the Astral Puzzle. Althought new items can ocasionally be added to the [Promotions] Category, the items on this category doesn't ever get removed.

The [New] Category is filled with special monthly promotions. They have an exceptional price, and are more appealing than the rest. They can be special item releases, exclusive items or even special packages. But the items in the [New] Category gets reset every first day of the month. In monthly basis aswell, you get new promotions or items added in this category.

Since Bonus Points don't have any expiration date, basically you can distribute your bonus points as you prefer. You can go for a more strategic approach and use them to upgrade your character, you can use them to play the Astral Puzzle, for esthetics reasons and even to unlock new companions. And since some items on the Bonus Mall can be gifted, you can also use them as an important currency!

August Bonus Mall Prize
On our release month, we decided to introduce you to the Bonus Mall with a very special promotion: The Kitty Packs for Boys and Girls.
In this package you will find three items in total: In the case for female charactes, Rita's Senshi Contracts x10, her costume and hairstyle. In the case of male characters, you can go for Rita's Senshi Contracts x10, and the Neko Lord Costume Set.

So don't waste this opportunity, and wake up your kitty girl before the month ends!