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    Feb 2014

    Welcome to Twin Saga!

    Welcome to!
    Or as we will probably refer to the server from now "TsTo".

    Some of you may already know us, some of you may not. In general terms, most of the community here is already familiar with our names, with our style, with our ways to do things, for almost 3 years. To that privileged portion of our population, probably there's little I have to say about which type of server Twin Saga will be. But in case introductions are actually needed, the most important thing you need to know is that this isn't our first rodeo.

    Sucessfully managing a private server for almost 3 years and be able to keep a steady and stable community is not a minor achievement. Of course, its not only ours, since we had a lot of help from players good will, ideas and suggestions. And if there's something we can proudly say about Aura Kingdom, is that it is a collaboration between the Staff and its members.

    But this also means we have found an important balance: A balance in our economy that allows all players to have access in important objects and yet still make enough to stay open. A balance in our market that allows players to control the game's economy, the values and transactions. A balance in the game difficulty; not too easy to be a grinding impossible task, not too hard to consume all of your free time. A balance in how we introduce content: we don't wait long enough, but we don't add everything so fast you go through everything new in 1 day.

    We take every decision we make seriously. We listen to our players, and do our best to introduce their suggestions when they are reasonable. We limit them if they are hurting the server. Its a delicate and important relationship that allowed us to get here. And now, is with great joy that we welcome this new addition to our family!

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    Hello !!

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    Can't wait~

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    Ama of Fishing Kingdom

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    Hype (maybe)

    [07:11 AM] FreuFreu : I wished was still a casual game but it isn't anymore

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    New Home
    I Seriously Need Help. I'm being Infected by Mushroom Madness.

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    Aaaah my new main game~
    Thank you for all your work ! that's the best gift i could get~

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    Cant wait *^*

    AKPS: LadyFiona (active)
    Amanthea (semi-active)
    TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

    dA :
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    In your Imaginations
    hype is real!

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    at HenTaiTai's Otaku house
    HenTaiTai will be back

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