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  1. well aura even if u maybe never let me back again, i still wanna say thank you for all the things you did for me
    and no im not mad at any1. its better like this for sure so people take the rules serious in future. uhm yea thats it i guess
    maybe sayonara sweety meowiee! (^._.^)つ ps: ur avatar is really cute :3
  2. aura i love you, but this ban really hurt... idk what to do anymore. i were waiting all the night and day then fell asleep and now i cry again :'( isnt there anything i could do to get back? ii wont abuse bugs anymore too and report them and buy ap instead. im really sorry, but it would be evven okay for me if just all items and gear get deleted bbut not my chara's.. 2 years 4months ps :c meoww
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