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11-14-2014, 08:04 AM
So I read some old forums and saw they complains about the earlier day of AKPS. I made used of some tips and other similar stuff (a very big thanls for Heca because his guide or tips are very detailed that I dont even need to ask further questions).

So on we go

Right at the beginning I informed myself about thos server before I started it. I knew it wont be a cakewalk and there will be some issues that I may have to deal with it. Because of my personal experience of the OS I made a Wiz/Gun. I knew his early game will suck and I have to keep my patience about this class.

My humble goal first was to hit 60 asap. It wasnt really hard and I finished in 2-3 days. I also noticed along the way that gold farming will be quite hard and I have to go the "lone wolf" path. So I farmed and farmed and farmed. I cant really say if Im lucky or they increased the drop rate but I dropped 2 different sniper recipe in a single round which is very helpful for my class. And after 4 rounds I dropped another 2 sniper recipe. And I made enough gold to refine them. Keep in mind that Im not 70 yet and need a long time for it now. Another note that I newd ro mentions are:

OW fcking LP farming!!!!!!!!!(its fcking awesome!!!!!!!!

I watched the lp farming guide from the lone wolf and decided to do the same thing. With a scheduled time u can farm ur lp like baking cake. And so I farmed it and earned money to gamble on paragon table to earn gold. Another thing is to sell the weapon armor boxes to npc. So I was actually supeised of how much gold I earned in 3 days without fishing. About 4k...... And i spent them all by donating guild members and players in need......also buying my own eq and recipe and customes.

Of course only to those player who wouldnt let me down and wouls keep up ok the game

So my experience in a nutshell

I love the experience of the game with a not bad community, luckly I joined a nice guild who also gives each other tips and our goal is to do St as a guild, which is our motivationt each other.

Only by a let down of the lack of the party dungeon. But the real game starts at lvl 65 anyway.

In my rule: teammates > gold.

Meaning is if I get a nice drop I give to my teammates instead of keeping it. Gold can be farmed back but the faster the eqof the teammated is finished the earlier we can finish our goal.

I know this thread sounds childish but I wanted to post my thoughts and mind about this game. I appreciate all the hard work of the gm and thank them for keeping the server alive. Also special thx Marvels who helped me to inprove from mistakes and keep me going to improve in game thx to Heca for posting so many tips about the game that are really really helpful.

11-16-2014, 06:28 PM
......errrr well yeah i kinda get ur point i guess