View Full Version : Set Advice for Wiz/GS

06-05-2014, 04:39 PM
umm.. so should i use devourer coat/ revelation top/ or titan warrior top/helm? Currently with full aria set, malodonak orange/green troph and comet set + lvl 45 gold staff/gun i have 36% spd almost 40k dmg and 38% crit rate. I know im gonna get the lvl 60 orange staff/gun as soon as i get more money, but im confused on what top set to get. I'm most likely gonna stick with aria bottoms till 65 and get Lion's roar set because it seems better than lethal beast one.
Also, what lvl 60 orange gun with nocturnal core should i get? should i get soul piercings pistol or the duke's duelers, i mean soul piercing has the extra crit agains boss, and 8% chance to deal extra dmg with duke's duelers has straight 10% dmg agains boss and 8% chance to increase spd by like 1k+, but here's my question, I am thinking that i should go with soul piercings because with any of those above top/helm set and my lvl 60 orange staff i will have around 40% spd, and that + mental focus should get me to 45%, excluding the food. What do you guys think?