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  1. Subwindow System chat bug in Twin Saga
  2. no voices
  3. kept entering a dungeon and there i'm stuck
  4. Chevalier Fortune Bag
  5. Can't open letters
  6. Dragon Knight Right Path (Valor) Bug
  7. Magic Cannon & some translation
  8. backpack slot bug
  9. PvP not starting
  10. Backpack slot bug cant do anything with it
  11. bug 3 items
  12. Advanced Specialization Bug (?)
  13. Paladin's Advanced Specialization 'tree'
  14. "Free" lp from La Catedral pt mode
  15. Backpack Bug
  16. Bunch of bugs
  17. Hidden Quests Bugs
  18. Disband Guild Bug
  19. Bridbrained - Hidden Quest Bug
  20. Aryn's pack bugged
  21. yellow orb bug?
  22. Candycane Maid Outfit aka Beginner Costume not dyeable
  23. This npc tho
  24. Water park
  25. 56 lvl daily's pack
  26. Alice's evolve
  27. Monk "Tigerclaw" charging bug
  28. Gunslinger Advanced Spec Frigid Rounds
  29. Glacial Force Crit Bug
  30. Monk Ranking LP boxes do not open
  31. "launcher.exe" Died
  32. Whisper behavior
  33. Monk Skill/Spec translation
  34. Auto-Sell bugged?
  35. Water Park
  36. I can't see the WATER
  37. Farseer crit stones proc bug
  38. friend greets glitch
  39. Flip (Gunslinger) common skill bug
  40. no rewards senshi qest
  41. Event Senshi 4-star key
  42. No Guild Boss Spawn post-maintenance
  43. 120 slot backpack
  44. party pack empty?
  45. 1st Donator Reward Error?
  46. magic cannon stones
  47. Proof of Valor reward when killing mini boss
  48. Canon PvP Ranking
  49. Chat Bugs
  50. Magic Cannon advanced specialization
  51. Blademaster - ZARO
  52. Senshi not active 4th star
  53. Levels 58-62 and Levels 59-65 Maps
  54. Broken Adv. Spec Node
  55. Bug La Catedral infernal
  56. Ching Chang Chong Boxes
  57. Kitsune Senshi Ultimate
  58. Furval Boss Reset bug
  59. Paladin Advanced Specilization Bug
  60. BP Shop (Astral Crystal x10)
  61. NPC Bug - Guild Palace
  62. Profession Exp - Server bonus not applied after lv50
  63. Berserker Storm Hammer bug
  64. WaterPark BUGS
  65. Entering guild palace
  66. Missing Encyclopedia Entries
  67. BlueScreen Bug
  68. Missing Cannon stones
  69. Lp Costume
  70. [Bug] Magic Cannon - Chat System Flood
  71. Serena;s pack bug
  72. My character is stuck and I can't move him out
  73. another magic cannon bug
  74. Elite Enemy Kills achievement rewards not sent
  75. Ice Queen Dress animation bug
  76. Disband Guild
  77. [Mistranslation] Fina's Senshi Quests
  78. [Bug] "Astral Crystal x10" in LP shop deducts LP, but doesn't grant x10 Crystals
  79. Marshmallow Kitty Paw Stick not showing with Cannon skills.
  80. Paladin Heals [Advance Specilization]
  81. Magic Gunner Chinese
  82. Weekly Achievements not resetting
  83. Tier 5 Enchantment cards lvl and Auction House bug
  84. Guild creation date error
  85. Serena's bond bag drops Natalia (Archer senshi).
  86. Quest Bug? Fishing daily
  87. Hunter adv spec not working.
  88. We get more random freezing (usually at LP dgns) since last patch
  89. always get wrong number when i get yellow material at gathering
  90. beserker weird bug
  91. Missing gold after maint (Twinsaga)
  92. launcher keeps giving me bug error when downloading sound files
  93. Lost LP after Dc
  94. Candycane Maid Outfit Bug (Cant Dye)
  95. Level 78 Skills Leaked...? or intended??
  96. cant exchange 4 star senshi evo key in Compen
  97. Why is the story quest bugged?
  98. Occultist Quest Bug
  99. too many bugs after latest patch..
  100. Guardian Garb (F) Meridia Glitched Texture
  101. Weapon Costume Conversion for Magic Cannon/Samurai
  102. Evolution Transfer scroll bug?
  103. missing hidden quest in maplewood glen
  104. Broken items
  105. Farseer's Phantom Orb - Mito and Flip
  106. Sapphire Dgn doesnt like me much.
  107. Missing Combo system from Samurai
  108. Weapon Costume not working properly
  109. empty screen in waterpark and new pvp raid
  110. magic cannon and samurai pvp rank
  111. Empty file
  112. Disabling PVP Rewards To Stop Abuse
  113. Enchant: Back Costume Problem
  114. Rita's Gift Bags Bug?
  115. Can't set my emotes to hot keys
  116. [BUG LIST] Known bugs
  117. 5 star event key exchange bug
  118. heartbreaking Aryn contract bug
  119. issue with Time Magic weapon costume
  120. New mount bugged.
  121. Custom High-tech and robotic wings Visual Bug
  122. lv 70 Legendary Starstone (Mage) effect description
  123. Character glitched and stuck in bush
  124. Samurai Missing Leveling Achievements?
  125. Wrong Answer Penalty everyday all day
  126. Answers for quest`s Twin Saga problem
  127. DoT character!!!
  128. Kitsune's 3-star buff text wrongly translated since latest content patch (09/11/2016)
  129. Rita Icon Purple
  130. Purple/Pink NPC
  131. Sweet Corn
  132. Transfer Fortification Scroll Issue
  133. Typo in Title
  134. Constantly appearing visual effect
  135. Can't get to Bloodbat Vanguards
  136. Character hair not rendering
  137. Waterpark Bug Immune
  138. Lv 78 class skill bug
  139. Cant equip Fishing Pole and Gathering Tools
  140. [Dragonknight] Passive on Skill Tree bug
  141. Can't change resolution
  142. Lv78 Blue accessories +10 bug
  143. Glitchy Senshi Graphics and Senshi Quest Cutscenes
  144. eror when patching
  145. Frozen Light Armor
  146. [Hunter] Passive on Skill Tree bug
  147. Starstone pages keep reverting back
  148. Cocotte's Ulti Bug
  149. Lightning Bug is Back!
  150. Samurai thorned chi is bugged
  151. Weapon costume not showing in combat
  152. Band Of Brawlers Bug (?)
  153. BUG Oriental Bag for boys
  154. Weekly Achievements don't reset
  155. Missing senshi
  156. Backpack expansion
  157. Game freezes when getting 3+ loots
  158. Senshi-related Capybara Bugsplats
  159. Missing Melody senshi quests
  160. Environment Graphic Bug
  161. Daily Login Rewards
  162. Samurai Gold Skill
  163. Item Lost
  164. Lore's bags are empty
  165. Lost All Of My Character
  166. Eve's Forest Hairstyle visual dye bug
  167. Bishamonten's bags are empty
  168. Death Colleseum Ranking Box and Band of Brawlers Dungeon 2 Ranking Box are empty
  169. Archeo map bug
  170. Guild Creation
  171. Tobin card bugged Obitus Wood card achivement
  172. Bug : Refinery (Magic Canon Skill)
  173. Item for terracottage from astral puzzle have a bug
  174. got stuck at online auto patch http cant download
  175. Custom Black Kitty Paws weapon costume isn't visible in combat for rogue
  176. [BUG] Can't enter Terracottage Race !!
  177. [bug crash cottage item novia]
  178. Stuck in Woolruft plains
  179. 5star trinket evo scroll bug
  180. S5 Cannon Buff bugged
  181. Amber Senshi bond shop broken
  182. Some freeze/lag i still get when using lp ticket or killing elite/boss.
  183. Website client bug
  184. bug when farming
  185. Impossible to play for freshly downloaded clients
  186. Senshi Charlottle skill bug
  187. problem exp
  188. Yellow Hexagon not adding the third stat
  189. [Bug] Senshi Shops are Broken
  190. Lvl 11 "Extreme Peril" Quest Bug
  191. Bug Duke Fusion Formula
  192. [Bug] Samurai Gold Skill can't be used properly.
  193. [Bug] World Boss aren't spawning in Marisa and Amaris