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  1. [Screenshots Event] First Snapshot Contest!
  2. [Fan Art Contest] Imagining Endora!
  3. [Video Contest] Dance Off!
  4. [Facebook Event] Unlocking Tsubaki
  5. [Screenshots Event] I Want To Be A Rockstar!
  6. [Ingame Event] The Guessing Game!
  7. [Facebook Event] Monthly Cover!
  8. [Video Contest] Never Gonna Give You Up!
  9. [Guides Contest] Show The Path!
  10. [Screenshots Event] The Fashaholic Support Group!
  11. [Story-Writting Contest] NPC's Fan-Fic!
  12. Aura Kingdom Gundam Raffle!
  13. [Gundam Raffle] Last Chance!
  14. [Facebook Event] Share and Win!
  15. [Facebook Event] Monthly Cover!
  16. [Fan Fic Contest] The Traveler's Guide!
  17. [Make A Wish] Bring It Back!
  18. [Monster Hunt] Hide and Seek with a Twist!
  19. 70+ Dance Event Winner/Video
  20. [Facebook Event] Monthly Cover!
  21. Serena's Moonlight Pray Special
  22. [Fan Fic Contest] The Interviewer!
  23. [Art Contest] Animal Kingdom!
  24. [Facebook Event] Share and Win your Hansel and Gretel!
  25. [Facebook Event] Monthly Cover!
  26. [Ingame Event] Pink and Seek!
  27. [In Game Event] What's in my pocket
  28. [Event] Ultimate Elixir
  29. [Event] Match the image
  30. [Facebook Event] Monthly Cover!
  31. [Video Contest] Donald's Party Bash!
  32. In Loving Memory....
  33. [Ingame Event] The Guessing Game V.2
  34. [Facebook Event] October's Cover!
  35. [Screenshots Contest] Beach Party!
  36. [Facebook Event] Like and Share, Bunny Edition!
  37. [Event] Necromancer Selfie!
  38. Scythe Guide Contest!
  39. [Event] Summer Memories
  40. [Facebook Event] Monthly Cover!
  41. [Facebook Event] Like and Share, Diao-Chan Pre-Release!
  42. [Screenshots Contest] The Perfect Couple!
  43. [Ingame Event] The Halloween Festival!
  44. [Screenshot Contest] Eidolon Portrait!
  45. [Story-Writting Contest] Spooky Tales!
  46. [Designing Contest] The Presenter!
  47. Halloween Party
  48. [Screenshot Contest] Flip The Bird!
  49. [Forum Event] Quoting Game!
  50. [Facebook Event] December's Cover!
  51. [Forum Game] Last Post Contest
  52. [Art Contest] The Production Challenge!
  53. [Guild Contest] The Guilds Fair!
  54. [Screenshot Contest] Style Evolution 2014
  55. Best Quotes 2014!
  56. [Anniversary Events] Let's Start the Party!
  57. [In Game Event] Item Hunt
  58. [Art Contest] Goddess of Creation!
  59. Double EXP Weekend
  60. [Story Writting Contest] Eidolon's Secret Story!
  61. Do You Like Me?
  62. Paragon Raffle!
  63. Like and Share Event!
  64. [Ingame Event] Santa's Greedy Christmas!
  65. [Story-Writting Contest] Memories of the Past!
  66. [Screenshots Contest] A Fashion Statement
  67. [Sky Tower Hell Mode Challenge] How far can you go?
  68. Like and Share Event: Pandora's Pre-Release!
  69. Housing Challenge: Screenshots and Video Contest
  70. [New Game Release] Like and Share Facebook Event!
  71. Like and Share Event: Lancer Edition!
  72. [CNY Event] Happy Lunar New Year!
  73. [Screenshot Event] Wedding Bells!
  74. [Valentine Event] Flirt with GMs!
  75. [Anniversary Event] The Forging Roullete
  76. [Video contest] Party for everybody!
  77. [Comic Event] Spring is coming!
  78. [Event] The Secret Code
  79. [Easter] Hunt the Magical Easter Egg!
  80. [Art Contest] Goddess of Peace
  81. [PvP Event] Axe me a question
  82. [PvP Event] Centurion Battlefield
  83. [Scavenger Hunt] Victoria Edition!
  84. Double Exp Week: From May 29 to June 5th.
  85. [Screenshot Contest] Cosplay Party!
  86. [Summer Event] Summer Vacation Luggage Disaster!
  87. [FanFic Contest] Love Confession
  88. July 6 to July 13: Double ExP Week and Exp Boosts Promotions!
  89. [Summer Event] Lost in Translation
  90. [Summer Event] Summer Holiday Selfie!
  91. [Fashion contest] Eidolon is my fashion
  92. Nightmare Mode Nomination: Time to choose the next dungeon!
  93. From August 24 to August 31: Double Exp Week!
  94. [Fan Fic Contest] The Interviewer
  95. [Screenshot Event] Cucumbers on the loose
  96. [Screenshot Contest] The Ugliest Thing
  97. [Design contest] Wear something, Morrigan!
  98. [Video Contest] Spooky Tales of Azuria
  99. From October 20 to October 26: Triple Exp Event!
  100. [In-Game Event] The spirits of Trick or Treating
  101. [Trick Or Treat] Ingame Halloween Drop Event
  102. [Fan Fic Contest] Halloween of Cerberus
  103. [Photo contest] Holidays are coming!
  104. [Screenshot Contest] A Christmas Feast
  105. [Christmas Event] Secret Santa Code!
  106. [Last Contest of the Year] Best Quote of 2017
  107. [Screenshot Contest] Trough the Seasons!
  108. [Like and Share Event] Blue Bird Pre Release!
  109. February's Double Exp Event!
  110. [Anniversary Event] Stop Giving Us Secret Code Event, Victoria!
  111. [Screenshot contest] 2 + 1
  112. [Anniversary Event] Memories of An Envoy!
  113. [Easter Event] Decorate My Eggs
  114. [Fan Fiction Contest] One Hundred Tales
  115. [Like and Share Event] Summer Nidhogg Pre Release!
  116. [Screenshot Contest] The Wedding Album!
  117. [Summer Contest] Azuria's Official Traveling Agency
  118. [Screenshot Contest] Aura Kingdom Meme Generator
  119. [Art Contest] Tsukuyomi Re-nvention!
  120. [New Monster Hunt Edition] October's List
  121. [Video Event] Another Song
  122. [Fashion Contest] The Army of Ullr
  123. [New Monster Hunt Edition] November's List
  124. [Halloween Event] Endora's Trick or Treat
  125. [Halloween Summoning Event] Enchanted Night
  126. [Halloween Event] Day of the Dead
  127. [Halloween Event] What is Halloween without Cosplay?
  128. [New Monster Hunt Edition] December's List
  129. [Forum Event] Christmas Raffle!
  130. [Promotions of Choice] A Christmas Wish!
  131. [New Monster Hunt Edition] January's List
  132. [Last Contest of the Year] Best Quote of 2018
  133. [Christmas Event Extension] Ain't Over Til It's Over
  134. [New Monster Hunt Edition] February's List
  135. [New Monster Hunt Edition] March's List
  136. [New Monster Hunt Edition] April's List
  137. [New Monster Hunt Edition] May's List
  138. [New Nightmare Dungeons Nomination] Time to Pick our Next Challenge!
  139. [New Monster Hunt Edition] June's List
  140. [New Monster Hunt Edition] July's List
  141. [New Monster Hunt Edition] August's List