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  1. Starter Pack System
  2. First Time Spender Promotion!
  3. Recruit A Friend System!
  4. Get Free AP!
  5. Cleopawtra's Key Fragments Limited Promotion
  6. Astronomer Set Special Promotion
  7. [Loyalty Promotions] Costumes Special!
  8. [Loyalty Promotions] Holy Bag!
  9. [Loyalty Promotions] Grimm's Choice!
  10. [Loyalty Promotions] Endora's Bewitched Bag!
  11. [Loyalty Promotions] Shirayuki's Kimono Bag!
  12. [Loyalty Special Promotion] Ladies of the Kingdom!
  13. [Loyalty Promotion] World On My Shoulders
  14. [Loyalty Promotion] Bag of Gaia!
  15. [Loyalty Promotion] Little Jill!
  16. [Loyalty Promotion] Gentlemen of the Kingdom!
  17. [Black Friday Special!]
  18. [Special Promotion] Christmas Frenzy!
  19. Black Friday Special Promos!
  20. Double EXP Day and More!
  21. June's Bonus Mall Promotions: Spring Edition!
  22. July's Bonus Mall: Dark Edition!
  23. August Bonus Mall: Cyber Edition!
  24. September's Bonus Mall: Charming Dream Edition!
  25. Upcoming Promotion: Cerberus Debut!
  26. October's Bonus Mall: Bad Boys Edition!
  27. AP, LP and Paragon Table Promotions: Azurian Fashion Week!
  28. November's Bonus Mall: Nature Edition
  29. [Black Friday Promotions] A Bloody Weekend!
  30. December's Bonus Mall: Dark Edition!
  31. [Hot Sale] Fortifications Discounts until Monday!
  32. February's Bonus Mall: Fairy Tale Edition
  33. Bonus Mall Promotions: March
  34. May's Bonus Mall: Asian Edition
  35. [Luck Blessing Week] Ruby Coins Sale!
  36. July's Bonus Mall: Warfare Edition
  37. [Summer Promotion] Hot Alucard Pre Release!
  38. Bonus Mall Promotions: March