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  3. [Sky tower Released] March 14th
  4. [GS Search] Applications Open!
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  6. [New Content Revealed] Tachi Class Release on April 16th!
  7. Game Sages Introduction & Open Recruitment
  8. [New Content] Archeology, Holy Chest, Weekly Quiz and More!
  9. [CBT] Thread Recruitment
  10. [New Content] New Towns, Dungeons, and Lv. 70 Gear!
  11. [New Content] Necromancer Class, Eidolons 3rd Evo and More!
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  13. [CBT] Applications - Level 90 Maps, Gear and Dungeons
  14. [Open Recruit] GM Search is now open!
  15. [GM Introduction Thread] Time to meet the Templars!
  16. [CBT Open Recruit] Sky Tower and Sky Tower Hell - Floors 36 to 40.
  17. New Nightmare Mode: Lament of the Thunder King
  18. [OPEN RECRUITMENT] New Content Arrival: CBT Sign Up
  19. [Special Announcement] Merry Christmas to all our players!
  20. [New Ingame Feature] Monster Hunt
  21. [CBT] Sky Tower 41-50
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