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  1. Aura x Mui
  2. Never (Dat competition)
  3. Sad poet - writing competition !
  4. No regrets, Just love.
  5. Reinhardt's Requiem
  6. Untitled
  7. Romeo True Love Story
  8. Solitary woman
  9. Ascension: Turn of the Tides
  10. The Eternal Conflict
  11. Zachary and the Krok village refugee children
  12. A Day Off 【Story Writing Contest】
  13. WTS>Gigas' Key of Gaia
  14. MoonLight & Love
  15. Alone In The Dark
  16. Story Writing Contest
  17. Story Writing Contest!
  18. Everything changed....
  19. Story Writing Competition
  20. [Story-Writing Contest Entry] Desert Fruit
  21. Wishful Dreamer [Contest Entry]
  22. The Weapon Merchant and the Maiden [Contest Entry]
  23. Crescent Hill: A Slice of Heaven on Earth
  24. Welcome to Helonia Coast!
  25. Crescent hill tourist guide
  26. Demarech Mines Exploration!
  27. On your way to Snowy Berg!
  28. Welcome to Ventos Prairie!
  29. Welcome to Navea - Your Ultimate Guide Book in Travelling 【Fan Fic Event】
  30. Adventure For Love: Kikwang's Story!
  31. Glory Day in Aura World...The new Begining
  32. The Interview Fan Fiction Title: It begins with a Hi!
  33. The Gentleman’s Guide to the Sights and Scents of Fishing Kingdom: Pantie Edition
  34. Yasai Very Tired Of Everything- A Comprehensive Guide to the TEDIOUS JOURNEY to Lv.60
  35. JimsPetri's Poetry.
  36. Holloween Story submission
  37. A Very Spoopy Night!
  38. "Rise of the Moetron" -A spooky tale
  39. The Journal
  40. Marionette
  41. Stuff they don't want you to know. (Shirayuki)
  42. Diary of an Envoy
  43. A Sinister Tale of Misgivings: The Cult of Crescent Hill
  44. Rendezvous with the Shadow
  45. The Lag Horizon
  46. Bahamut's Pumpkins
  47. Marsh Madness
  48. Momijii in Trouble
  49. "My First Adventure"
  50. "My First Adventure"
  51. Ambition
  52. Random Prologue...
  53. [Story Writing Challange Entry] The Triatio Highlands by FreuFreu
  54. [Story Writing Contest Entry] My First Battle, The Beggining of My Adventure
  55. [Story Writing Contest Entry "My First Adventure"] The Challenge
  56. The Mission To End All Missions
  57. My First Adventure
  58. Moo
  59. Wanted to share what was on my head.
  60. Ghost Of The Past
  61. [Story Writing Contest Entry] - From Dawn to Dusk
  62. Fate takes a holiday.
  63. [Story Writting Contest] The storm before the calm.
  64. [Story Writting Contest] - Undying Love
  65. [Story Writting Contest] - The Tales of the Ultimate Knight
  66. [Story Writting Contest] Everyone knows it's Gray!
  67. Φ The Watcher of the Ice Hill Φ
  68. Angel and Messenger (Story Writing Contest)
  69. The Play [My Entry for this Event!!]
  70. [Story Writing Contest Entry] - From Dawn to Dusk (Finished)
  71. [Story Writing Entry] Forked Roads
  72. [Story Writing Contest Entry] The Hero
  73. [Story Writing Contest] A Gift of Love
  74. Transitional
  75. [Straight vr.] Transitional
  76. [Story Writing Contest] Memoirs of a Companion
  77. Tales from the mysterious traveler
  78. Private Server
  79. Alone In The Dark
  80. Legacy of an Eidolon
  81. The Other One
  82. Project HorH
  83. game.bin error
  84. Sweet Lies [Writing Contest Entry]
  85. Misforgivings and Mistakes [Story Writing Contest]
  86. Sssssssstory of the Serpent [Story Writing Contest]
  87. Nightmare or Memories?
  88. The Lady of Evening Snow's Springtime Lover
  89. Cry of the skies
  90. The Promise [Story Writing Contest]
  91. The Sinful God
  92. Hel's Flame
  93. ThE UnToLd SeCrEt
  94. How the wolf lost his anger.
  95. Cursed Iron
  96. The Fallen Angel & Pure Saint
  97. Alice in Azuria [Story Writing Contest]
  98. When the Sun Sets.... [Story Writing Contest]
  99. Endora's Diary [Writing contest entry].
  100. [Story writing contest] Fish for everyone!
  101. AI (Artificial Incompetence)
  102. Aura Kingdom Memories: Resquícios de um passado sangrento
  103. Aura Kingdom Memories: Resquícios de um passado sangrento - Intro
  104. Christmas in Azuria
  105. L.
  106. At The Front Line
  107. Aura Kingdom Memories : Dark Wolf
  108. Aura Kingdom:Memories of the Past
  109. Fragments of Friends - [Story-Writing Contest] Memories of the Past
  110. "A Long Lost Memory" [Story-Writing Contest]
  111. [Aura Kingdom: Memories of the Past Contest] The First Meeting
  112. Memories : The Dark Wolf [ Story-Writing Contest ]
  113. [Story Writing contest]
  114. The memories of an Envoy (Story Writing Contest)
  115. Within a Dream (Story Contest)
  116. [Story Writing Contest] Dance of the Wind
  117. [Story-Writing Contest] Memoirs of my Family's First Meeting
  118. [Contest] When duty calls. part 1
  119. [Memories of the Past] Pieces of Time
  120. Aura Kingdom Memories - O Primeiro Dia
  121. [Memories of the Past] The Gaiafather, or The Founding of FishingKingdom
  122. The Dazzling World of Azuria [Story Writing Contest]
  123. Rewrite, Relive [Story Writing Contest]
  124. [Story-Writting Contest] Reincarnated to another world as Envoy of Gaia
  125. [Story-Writting Contest] Chronicles of a Phoenix: Friendship
  126. Co-op RolePlay :D
  127. Co-op RolePlay OOC (Out of Character)
  128. Memories : Vengence Will Be Mine ( Picture Series )
  129. Konosuba meets AK fanfic~
  130. The Scion of Fate's day off
  131. The Revenge of a Ronin
  132. Memories : Victrix Mortalis
  133. Her........I
  134. Short Comics [ AK ]
  135. Memoirs of Life
  136. Azuria Realm ~ Aura Kingdom based Manga (First Look)
  137. Oshi's Short-Stories
  138. Hades & Cerberus + Envoy Short stories!
  139. The Eternal Fall
  140. Aura Kingdom: Infinity (Collab Remake)
  141. Un guardain caido...(in spanish)
  142. Amigos de aura kingdom, un saludo owo//